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ID: 445 Title: Captain Bret Diamond convicted FELON! Replis: 3 Read: 3108 Author: 4
Name: Medmoor  Posts: 4  **  Vancouver Time: 2008-2-7_9:55:31 Quote    Reply
Please look at:
Name: Charles Cook  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2008-2-7_11:38:3 Quote    Reply
Oh No Jerry Eden is back from the dead !!!!!!!!! I wonder if he ever got his Captain's License.....
Name: Bret Diamond  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2008-2-7_16:18:20 Quote    Reply
How sad that Jerry Eden continues his vitriolic and baseless attacks against me! I guess he's still mad because I reported him the the Coast Guard for using a FORGED Captain's license. No matter Jerry, the bottom line is that the whole world now knows what a liar and a psychopath you really are--you've even come to this forum under several aliases going so far as to claim that you're dead! I receive a couple emails a week from people who you've scammed who are trying to find you--last I'd heard you were being investigated for fraud for stealing a relative's and a neighbor's Hurricane Katrina relief check from FEMA. For the record, I am most definitely NOT a convicted felon, and I continue to perform my duties as a trusted and well-respected captain in all the world's oceans and I'd be happy to provide a current CV and list of references for anyone in need of my services. Maybe one day Jerry Eden will get the psychiatric help he so desperately needs........
Name: Lisa  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2008-2-13_15:7:0 Quote    Reply
Iīve been a lurker here on the 7knots site for several years and this ongoing battle between Diamond and Eden has evoked my morbid curiosity.

Given that my husband is recently retired from international law enforcement, we have access to quite a bit of info that others donīt so we thought it would be interesting to get to the bottom of this on-going saga.

For the record, I do not know, nor have I had contact with, either Jerry Eden or Bret Diamond.

In a nutshell, Captain Diamond claims that he was on a yacht delivery with Jerry Eden as captain. Edenīs poor performance as a captain aroused Capt Diamondīs suspicion that maybe Jerry Eden was not really a licensed captain. Diamond further claims that Eden has a long criminal history and that Eden regularly scams people on the internet.

From what we were able to find out, Captain Diamond is indeed telling the truth. Jerry Eden has posted on numerous websites that he was a USCG licensed captain (claimed to have a 100 ton masters) who did free yacht deliveries. The Coast Guard shows no record of a captainīs license for Jerry Eden and they have received numerous official complaints about Jerry Eden presenting a forged captain's license. According to our sources the investigation into Jerry Eden using a forged captains license remians open and ongoing.

Furthermore, Jerry Eden does in fact have a criminal record (which probably explains why he was never able to get a captainīs license) and there are currently 2 outstanding bench warrants for his arrest--one in Louisiana and one if Florida. Jerry Eden is also wanted for questioning Flordia for real estate scams where he would rent a house or apartment, and then use the internet to re-rent the property (without the ownerīs knowledge or consent) often times pocketing thousands of dollars in rent and deposits and then skipping town. He has also been fined twice by the State fo Florida for advertising as an armed security service while not being licensed in the State of Florida to engage in those activities.

There have also been postings here and on other websites that claim that Jerry Eden is dead, yet there is no record of a death certificate for him and his bank accounts, websites, and credit card accounts all remain active and with recent activity. Additonally, we tracked down one of his relatives from Florida who told us that "Jerry Eden is very much alive and hiding from collection agencies and law enforcement," and further that ".....Jerry's book Ágainst the Wind is a complete lie--Jerry's wife and family were never killed in a freak storm while at sea like Jerry says--they just left him because he's a thief and a predator."

As to the claims made that Bret Diamond is a convicted felon ( and posted here), those claims are false. There are no felony or misdemeanor convictions listed for Bret Diamond in Washington or any other state, nor are there any pending warrants for him. There are no reports of criminal arrest, detention, or conviction in Australia (as claimed on the website) or any other country that reports to INTERPOL. According to the Coast Guard, Captain Diamond is indeed a licensed captain and his license is in good standing with no filed incident reports and/or complaints.

So, come to your own conclusions, but to us it's obvious that Captain Diamond fulfilled his obligation as a Merchant Mariner to report the fact that Jerry Eden was using a forged captain's license, and ever since then Jerry Eden has been engaged in a smear campaign trying to get back at Captain Diamond. I for one applaud Captain Diamond's efforts, and I would hope that the owners of this list would not continue to allow him to be bad-mouthed by internet conman Jerry Eden.