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ID: 817 Title: What Happened To Self-Sufficiency in Sailing? Replis: 4 Read: 149 Author: 2
Name: Disperser.Wolf  Posts: 17    Vancouver Time: 2018-5-9_15:8:57 Quote    Reply
I purchased a sailing vessel because I sought a self-sufficient life. I wanted the opportunity to be completely responsible for my own well being, to be, well, actually, free. Freedom can only come from self-sufficiency. And the only way I could think of to be completely and totally self-sufficient (that means not dependent upon anyone else) was to live on my own sailing vessel traveling the world's oceans.

But in the nearly 6 years I have been in the sailing world, I have yet to see a single self-sufficient sailor. How pathetic, to be honest.

Here in La Paz, people follow the example of Mac Shroyer, a sailor who came with a dream, and settled on exploiting locals and later other sailors, and La Paz has become a place where dreams go to die, and sailors go to convert their vessels into floating trailers parked in their floating trailer park; which is precisely the atmosphere at Marina de La Paz. Not to pick on La Paz too much (it is quite deserving, as it is the most corrupt place in Mexico, thanks to foreigners like Mac Shroyer who brought American style corruption to Mexico, in case any of you thought otherwise...), but I saw the exact same thing in almost every marina I visited on my way from Stockton California to Mexico; the only noted exception being Bodega Bay, a working fishing marina. But while it wasn't a trailer park, it certainly wasn't very conducive to self-sufficiency either.

So, what has happened? Why are sailors so dependent? Why can't any of you come to La Paz and figure out Spanish and where to find all the things you need on your own without consulting the radio net, some list, or asking around?

I know the answer to that question, very well. But I won't share it, except personally. I just thought it would be useful to remind the sailing community of its roots and origins, and to hopefully convey the message that sailing is the only true natural life for us human beings. We are a nomadic species. And we are supposed to be an intelligent species. That means each and every one of you are supposed to be able to take care of yourselves and not require a shore cable, hose, cell phone, radio net, and taxis to take you around to stores to buy all the things you need. We didn't evolve big brains for nothing, although most of you seem to have some kind of idea that you aren't nearly as capable as you truly are.

I'm no different than any of you, with the likely noted exception that when I was a child, I made a conscious decision to accept that school was an opportunity, not a requirement, and that if I wanted an education, I had to get it myself and utilize all resources available to me. Okay, so I was rather forced into that mindset by debilitating injuries which meant I could go to school and had to spend my time at the library instead. But still, I didn't sit home watching television, I went out and learned, so much so that after a mere two months in a library, I stayed ahead of my fellow students for the entirety of my school career! I'm not gloating mind you, I'm just suggesting that school wasn't enough and if you thought so, well, you're living in a marina, hooked up to a hose and shore power cable, waiting for the radio net so you can find out where to buy chocolate chips while I'm trying to get access to a defunct boatyard so I can finish all the work on my ship myself.

Get off the dock and get free, because otherwise, you're just waiting to die.
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 169  **  Vancouver Time: 2018-7-1_20:9:39 Quote    Reply


The answer is probably that they do not want to DIE.

To sail with reasonable safety requires crew to help with watches to avoid tragedy, tiredness / insomnia and auto pilots are not the best option in a storm when the helm has to be left to take damage avoidance.

If you have been sailing the world solo by yourself espectially in the lower or higher latitudes it is only a matter of time before the BAD weather gets you.



Is your boat equipped to survive a long period from nuclear radiation, transiting the eye of a hurricane, a cyclone, being rammed by killer whales, and do you have a remote recue helicopter that you alone can activate and control / direct to your boats crippled position anywhere in the world without outside help? Also do you grow your own protein, grow vegetable's on board, make your own soap and make your own clothes and all the other things required to exist. I ask these questions because I read your boat listing.

Disperser.Wolf LISTING

Disperser.Wolf Photo The man himself. Brillant Sailor.

Name: Disperser.Wolf  Posts: 17    Vancouver Time: 2018-7-2_11:1:34 Quote    Reply
I think that since the owner of the site is attacking me for my opinion that I must be right about him.

Too bad he runs a website and can't be a professional, nor an adult, when he responds to what was never directed at him in the first place. However; this does conveniently allow us to see that he feels that he is the target of criticism; not because I made him so, but because he himself has made it so. In other words, the owner of this rather useless website (I wonder why...) has revealed to us that he can't handle the criticism he levies upon himself which means he has a very weak soul and mind.

By the way, Mr. "I own a website ooh look at me": why would you ever believe I would listen to anyone, much less someone who projects criticism onto himself, about how to survive a world created by idiots like you? What makes you think I'm here to find any advice from anyone calling themselves a sailor? I'm here to give the advice. I'm here to find people who understand humanity is fucked up (as demonstrated quite handily by your brilliant example) and who wish to survive what the diseased, idiotic members of the species are doing to the planet. I'm not here to make social bullshit. I'm not here to impress everyone that I own a website. I'm not here to sell my toys. I'm not here to find someone to fuck. I'm here to find intelligent human beings who are interested in continuing the process of evolution of the species.

I am NOT here to debate, much less listen to idiots who don't even know what the term "debate" means.

And if you, or anyone else, wishes to have words with me, you may do so in person, if you think you have the strength to stand up to someone who actually is, and thus eats and is healthy and strong, like a human being.

Fuck Off OceanSaver.
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 169  **  Vancouver Time: 2018-7-6_22:37:23 Quote    Reply

Disperser Wolf

No I am not the web master to this site. Where on earth did you get that information.

As far as I'm aware the Web Master to this Canadian site is a person by the name of TOM YANG. I'm not a Canadian. I live on the other side of the world.

Your posting reply has shown your true colours, arrogant, a bully, rude and vulgar.

I was not replying to your posting BUT replying with observations to your profile listing you your self have scripted on / in the crew wanted section.

To attack the web master with unkindly words and this website shows just how mentally twisted you are.

Crew lookers take his ramblings as a warning as to what type of SKIPPER he would be. Rude obnoxious, mentally twisted and you could find yourself thrown over board far from shore if you even dare to question or criticize him.

It's types like you scare many visitors from posting or participated in case they receive a reply such as yours.

Seeing you do not like this site perhaps would kindly remove your crew wanted AD. YES.

Forum participants your opinions would be appreciated
Does his posting discourage you from posting other than this post.

Disperser.Wolf LISTING

Disperser.Wolf Photo The man himself. Brillant Not so brilliant, rude, vulgarSailor.

Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 169  **  Vancouver Time: 2018-7-8_21:34:14 Quote    Reply

Further here is a photo of him and his web posting re his details and his website.

Web Master TO this Website

Disperser Wolf
Have you noticed that unlike many other websites there is no or very little advertising.

It cost plenty $$$ and personal time to maintain a website with forums like this website and the other sailing / boating websites.

Tom does not charge to use the website and unlike other websites there are no rules. If your posting and the language you used, rude, vulgar, arrogant which seems to be second nature for you when expressing yourself, was used on other sailing websites you would have been banned and a block put on your web service provider that you use.

Quotation underlined from another listing off yours which gives an insight as to what type off person you are for intending crew persons who may reply to your posting "crew Wanted"

"I have long been too intelligent for society. I was raised by psychopaths, so I had no parents. And having my face mauled by a dog at 8 years old, along with already being smarter than other kids, meant I spent my childhood on my own too. From 2nd grade, after reading such books as Call it Courage, My Side of the Mountain, and An Edge of the Forest; I sought to find a way to escape society, the trap with its irrational rules and illogical social order (idiots in charge? Say what?)".

"I seek others who wish to join me, either directly on my ship, in a flotilla on their own sailboat, or in a shore-based marine community which will eventually be part of a network of such communities which will all be connected by flotillas of sailboat-based communities. I've even come up with a global communications network based on a combination of HAM and WiFi that is both free and completely decentralized, one which can even host a form of cryptocurrency, though I personally don't believe currency is even necessary in a mature human society."

Referrence Source Disperser THE PERSON IN QUESTON

DISPERSER HAVE YOU TRIED TO SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP. The world is Not going to Self destruct. There has been a lot off doomsday proponents previously and they all have been wrong. And time will tell that you are / have been wrong also.

Sail short handed the BAD weather will get you and if there is loss of life with the crew member on board you will also probably be sued for Captain's Responsibility negligence, [ that is if you survive ] which would result in loosing your boat and being declared bankrupt.

Other posters comments PLEASE.