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ID: 770 Title: Seeking "Boat Slut" - Sail with me, sleep with everyone else Replis: 0 Read: 1028 Author: 1
Name: Disperser.Wolf  Posts: 20    Vancouver Time: 2016-10-21_12:15:5 Quote    Reply

Hey, I'm an honest an open guy, and I realize there are women out there who enjoy sex on a casual basis just like most guys do. And I realize that there is probably a solution to my problem, which is also a solution to someone reading this.

I am therefore looking for a woman who would be interested in the life of a sailor, even if only for a few months, where she can have total and complete freedom to live it up, including sleeping around on other boats; as long as she cares for her captain.

I'm not very interested in sex with females. My philosopy is actually that females are for procreation and otherwise casual sex should be limited to within the gender. And I have no desire to sire children, accidental or otherwise, nor do I have any desire to deal with the female mind in the sense of a committed monogamus relationship.

But I also cannot live or sail alone. Nor do I need a strong crew. Granted it would be nice, and one day I hope to have a strong crew of like-minded men; but until such time as people begin to awaken to the reality of their world and their true nature, I must be creative in getting my needs met.

And my needs are minor. All I require is someone that recognizes what I provide, and who can understand how vital taking care of my needs is to her own needs. My needs are strictly limited and can be taken care of easily. In fact, with just a little assistance, I am far more productive than most people. Just someone to take care of domestic chores, to hold something above while I work below, and someone to stand on deck while I ascend the mast would be a miracle for me. And all it would be to you is a full time vacation in paradise, puncuated by adventures of all kinds.

You would of course be encouraged to sleep around, to find fun and enjoy it. In harbor, when things aren't so busy, when it's time to relax, I rather prefer my time to myself. So this would work out perfectly for a woman interested in having some fun while we are in port or at-anchor among other sailors.

At-present, I am in La Paz, Mexico. I am planning to sail somewhere to the South Pacific, and will very likely tour almost the entire South Pacific in search of the perfect place to call temporary home while I complete work on my ship. I hope to depart by March at the very latest, and will otherwise be ready to sail by December. My ship is incomplete, so be aware of that, including that I only have my berth prepared, though we can make arrangements to accommodate you easily and well.

I would support you in providing food and other basic needs while aboard. You'll have to provide for yourself, which I'm sure you will easily be able to do by getting the men you entertain to foot the bill. I'm also an excellent judge of character and could help ensure you don't find the scumbags not worth the time of day.

If this sounds interesting, contact me. I'm different than anyone you've ever met or ever will meet, and most people are quite shocked by me. So bear that in mind. I'm not what you would expect. But, I am a dream come true.

Let's talk about it.