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ID: 680 Title: Cruising yachties are doing you a BIG favor Usually Replis: 9 Read: 3954 Author: 3  Page:[1]  2  
Name: Philip Maise  Posts: 6  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-3-5_1:52:41 Quote    Reply
There are those that work, and those that whine

Some that post here seem to think yacht owners should bow down and kiss the feet of short-term crew members.

The following is a rebuttal.

Typically, it is the small yacht owner that does 99% of all the hard work. When is the hard work done? Typically, it is months or years before the guest-crew arrive.

Who worked hard to save for years to buy the boat?
Who spent months working on the boat, or years building it?
Who spent dozens or hundreds of hours looking for crew?
Who probably can single-hand the vessel?

I own a luxury home in Hawaii. When I was building it, I hired carpenters and cement masons. No guests came to my house until it was completed. You can go stay at my home in Hawaii. It is a bed and breakfast. The minimum charge including tax is over 100 Euro. Now lets start adding it up:

Room at my house....100 Euro
Rental car..................35 Euro
Fuel............................15 Euro
Lunch and dinner......22 Euro
Snacks.......................5 Euro
Grand Total.....................177 Euro

Now I know this is really really cheap. However, I price my bed and breakfast on the low side. The average hotel cost in Hawaii is a lot closer to 350 Euros per night. So you better have about 500 Euros per day if you go there.

Now we must add one the most expensive flights in the world. It isn't cheap to fly to Hawaii.

So why do people do it? Simple. Hawaii delivers one of the most incredible vacation trips you can take? Millions of people come each year.

However, do you notice one strange thing? Where am I? Am I at my home in Hawaii? No. I am touring the South Pacific aboard my big yacht. I found something even better. Instead of offering a bed in my home, I now offer a bunk on my yacht. A yacht that:

Includes your room.
Doesn't require you to rent a car.
Includes your fuel.
Includes all meals.
Includes your snacks.

And most of all it travels. It takes you to new places and gives you an incredible travel experiences.

It is almost total hog wash for people to write that paying crew are needed to operate a typical cruising yacht. What is true, is that paying crew help a yachtie to continue to sail. It stretches the cruising kitty and allows him/her to sail longer.

What should I do with 15 bunks aboard my vessel? Let them go empty? Why shouldn't I offer these bunks to someone that could never come close to affording a big yacht of their own?

I will agree on one thing. Each yacht owner should examine their trip and decide whether what they are providing is something of real value to visiting crew. If all they are doing is a hard run against the wind and not stopping...that isn't fun. Crew should indeed get paid to do this. Or the owner should at least pay for the crew's food and allow them to come for free.

If the trip is a relaxed tour of the South Pacific to exotic islands and the vessel is already staffed with a qualified and paid crew...then yes....the owner should be charging.

For my particular next trip:

I have hired experienced paid crew members to do the hard work.
They do your laundry.
No one does a long night shift alone.
My crew will go with you to shore to haul items back for you.
They help ensure security.
They serve as mountaineers when we go climbing.

I will still have open bunks for the trip.
So why would I allow crew to come for free?

Yacht owners all know that crew members are anything but free. No. Short term visiting crew members are most likely to:

Leave items on deck that get blown overboard.
Stand on the hatch covers.
Jam up the plumbing.
Get in fights.
Press a captain to sail to the next port because they must catch a plane ride.
Leave a trip midway.

These are all risks and costs to the owner of the yacht. Go on. Go talk to an owner. Ask for the tour. Ask the owner to show you all the things broken by crew. Ask the owner how and why his yacht got into the most trouble. Time and again you will find the answer is the short term crew.

So in summary. Wake up to the facts people. Most yacht owners are very hardworking people. They provide something that the pittance of money paid hardly covers.

Philip Maise
HOT BuOYS Sailing Vessel
See my vessel's Facebook page about my 2014 South Pacific trip.
Hint Google the name of the vessel.

Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-3-6_20:15:38 Quote    Reply
If a captain allows his vessel to sustain damage he is a poor tutor, observer and did not do due diligence with crew selection.

Another reason is they take on crew advertising no experience needed in order to get crew to pay and to get on board. Most experienced crew don't pay - they are either free on board or get paid. Why should an experienced crew member pay the say as a non experienced crew member.

Why is it Search an rescue in most instances are rescuing vessels with only the owner on board or the owner and his wife. These days most marriage contracts, law decisions would deem the wife as a owner as well.

You advertise professional crew on your vessel. I bet you pay them. What is a professional crew person. A experienced crew member getting paid.
You are a charter vessel not a private cruising vessel.

At least you should pay for your advertising as a business venture and not cheap skate on these websites.

Business must be slow to advertise here. WHY.

Stay in hotel your time is free and hotel does not give you jobs to do.
Rent a car you can drive where you want to go. On your vessel can paying guests tell you where they want to go. No. Your answer is if you don't like it jump ship and go some where else. That does not sound like you are very accommodating. Could be a trip to HELL on your ship.

Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-3-6_20:20:50 Quote    Reply
Also I note you have just signed on to this site as a member.

You will get more customers advertising with charter orientating magazines and travel agents which is your targeted audience.

If you find this information useful send us a donation.

Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-3-6_20:31:27 Quote    Reply
disagree re Hawaii.

Millions sailing on vessels. I doubt it.
Here a better destination for a sailing vocational or tramping holiday.

Sailing Mecca

The Magic of the Marlborough Sounds Nelson and The Abel Tasman Park New Zealand.

Name: Philip Maise  Posts: 6  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-3-7_0:17:9 Quote    Reply
I have looked around this site and wondered how it is supported. I don't see any links to send a donation. I have been cruising a long time and can send one by paypal. Philip
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