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ID: 68 Title: How To Automatic Shutdown a Computer After Receiving WX Replis: 4 Read: 1775 Author: 4
Name: Geoff Schultz  Posts: 36  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-3-12_22:43:58 Quote    Reply
This is a note for techies like me who need to shut down a computer at a specified time. I deliver the weather on the NW Caribbean net (8188.0 Mhz at 14:00 UTC) every other day. The night before I make sure that I collect the NWS faxes starting at midnight (0600 UTC) just in case they fail to transmit at 1200 UTC. Unfortunately that has meant leaving the laptop on all night, and this is a relatively heavy power demand which gains nothing. As a result I was looking for a way to automatically shut down the laptop after gathering the faxes. I found the following solution for Windows XP, but it should work for earlier versions:

The faxes that I receive are completed by 02:30. To shut down the system I go into Accessories/System Tools/Scheduled Tasks and add


I specify that it runs daily at 02:30 and I specify a privileged account with a password to run it. After stepping through all of the menus I right click on the task and select Properties. I modify the file name to include a "-s" after the filename. Thus the name becomes

C:\WINDOWS\system32\shutdown.exe -s

This will run and shut your system down and save your batteries after collecting your faxes.

-- Geoff

Name: Svfirefly  Posts: 4  **  Vancouver Time: 2004-7-29_12:0:37 Quote    Reply
Well, that's great. But where do you get the program "shutdown.exe" in the first place?
I'm running Windows XP, and it is not listed in the Scheduled Tasks list. Also, what is the
purpose of adding the "-s" to the filename?
Name: Duncan  Posts: 6    Vancouver Time: 2004-7-30_4:32:34 Quote    Reply
When you add a task from the list of programs shown select Command prompt and add the shutdowm.exe as stated in the above post. Another option although it won't shut down your system it will save power. From the control pannel select the power options and there you can set the time you want the system to turn off the monitor and hard drives.
Name: Svfirefly  Posts: 4  **  Vancouver Time: 2004-7-31_17:7:10 Quote    Reply
Well, it apparently doesn't work for me.  This machine does some strange things, sometimes,
so it doesn't surprise me.  First it kept telling me it wouldn't work because "access is
denied".  My wife and I are the only users of this machine, so we hadn't set a system
password, and apparently it didn't like the new password I entered to make it work.  So I
set a system password, and that got me by that glitch, but when I enter the program name I want
to start, i.e., "shutdown.exe", the next dialog I get identifies the program as "cmd.exe".
So I change the name on that line to "shutdown.exe" and it accepts it and everything is fine and
when it gets to the time I have set to shut it down, nothing happens.

I don't really need it like you do, using batteries, so I'm not stressed about it.  I could
use the automatic power system to shutdown the monitor and the hard drives as you suggest, but
I have found that if I tell it to shut down the drives after a certain period of inaction, I
can't wake the machine up again.  I have to manually reset. So thanks for the suggestion,
but I usually shut it off at night anyway.

Name: Jordan  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2004-8-20_12:50:16 Quote    Reply
if you need it I can email you the shutdown.exe it's included in windows resource kits which usually do not get installed by default. there are a number of different versions of shutdown.exe most do the same thing. reply with your email if you want it.