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ID: 678 Title: INFINITY SEA EXPEDITION - FANTASTIC! Replis: 1 Read: 1400 Author: 2
Name: Philip Maise  Posts: 6  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-3-4_8:55:18 Quote    Reply
As I write this, Infinity and her crew are sailing towards Antarctica.
What are you doing?
Former crew members, like myself, are proud owners of our own big sailing yachts.
What do you own?
I too sailed on Infinity and it was a world of difference because of one simple thing:

I came to learn.

I didn't think I was going on a vacation when I joined Infinity. I didn't expect the food to be fantastic. I didn't expect the trip to be perfect. In short I knew I wasn't joining some cruise ship to be waited on hand and foot.
Clemens the owner of Infinity is an incredibly hardworking captain. I admire him tremendously. He patiently showed me the basics of operating a large sailboat. People wake up already. The learning experience available aboard Infinity has nothing to do with tying knots or trimming sails.

Lets see a show of hands. How many of you know:
How to check in/out a boat in a foreign country?
How to restep a mast?
Have rebuilt a mast foot?
Installed new chainplates?
Where to buy supplies in Thailand?
Have hung 100 feet above the deck holding a rigging cable?
Threaded wires 100 feet down a mast?
How to take apart and rebuild large winches and coffee grinders?
Have cleaned the bottom of a boat that is over 100 feet long?
Know the real reason to check oil level before starting a sailboat's engine?
Know why it could be high and what to do about it?

My trip aboard Infinity taught me every single one of the above items and more. Like many things in world an experience is what you take away from it. I took away a condensed course in large sailboat management. These people that have posted negative comments on this site. What do they have?

I read these posts. They were by people that believed that everything should be perfect. Well you can get that people. You know. It is on a cruise ship. Instead of paying the tiny amount that Clemens does per day, you can spend 10 times that amount. Filipino crew will do all the work for you. They cook your meals, clean, and paint. You might even see the captain at the captains table. But will you learn a single thing? Well perhaps you might if you stepped on the scale before and after your trip.
If you get a chance to go on Infinity. Take it. Be the first person to jump up and say I can do that job. Be the person that wants to learn. Enjoy doing the worst of the worst jobs. The rewards you get are incredible.

When I pulled into the Marshall Islands and saw a demasted trimaran for sale. I knew exactly what to do. I knew where to get a new mast, how to put it on, who to hire, where to get machined parts, I even knew exactly what to do when I discovered high oil level. I sailed my new trimaran across 1/2 the Pacific ocean on a jury rig and up to Thailand.

Clemens gave me that knowledge. I would be honored to sail with him again. If Infinity was so bad, then may I ask you a question? Why are there crew members aboard right now that came back for the trip they are on now?

Cruise ships are for the old and feeble. Some day I will be that way too. For now I prefer to sail. Philip Maise March 2014

Name: Andysgonesailing  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2016-3-22_7:54:44 Quote    Reply
Well said Phil! No-one and nothing is perfect and Infinity is certainly not without its faults. However, the fact still stands that there are many returning crew. Joining infinity is not for everyone, as Phil correctly states, it is not a luxury cruise where you will be waited upon. There is a screening process where potential crew are selected and those who aren't suited to both; the current crew and the style of life are hopefully weeded out which is in both the applicants best interests and the crews best interests. I myself have been on the yacht twice for expeditions of a few months. in todays modern World it is becoming increasingly difficult to have true adventures and Infinity facilities real adventures. Having sailed on multiple vessels in most Oceans and with a variety of Captains and yachts I can safely say that sailing with Clemens and Infinity is a great experience. Many ex crew members have gone on to become both yacht owners and professional sailors. Clemens combination of; knowledge, experience, passion, drive and love of the ocean make him one of the best Captains around.