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ID: 632 Title: Wuss Loser Old Fart Desperado Captains Replis: 3 Read: 1690 Author: 3
Name: Captainsteelboard  Posts: 2  **  Vancouver Time: 2013-9-20_21:14:7 Quote    Reply
I have discovered most boat owners and captains posting on this site have done a MAJOR disservice to humanity and especially spoiled entitled brats and little girls. Since when do people get free trips across an ocean, enjoy the most blissed unspoiled paradises at no cost, no service, no obligation? You old fat ass wanna be captains who take on crew for nothing... You have destroyed this site and the host of 7 knots WOW. Blowjobs deserve more decency than the desperadoes on here. Thanks to you low life's I can't get one damn crew to own up to the basics.
Name: Philip Maise  Posts: 6  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-4-8_20:17:57 Quote    Reply
Everyone likes to win the lottery. To get something for nothing has been an overall blessing for some.

Some key factors have changed since you began being a captain 20 years ago.
1. The Internet and in particular paying websites dangle a carrot in front of the public. A carrot that if only they pay for premium to get this course and that certification that they will get to go for free or even have a new paid career.
2. The size of yachts have grown. It is no longer enough to have a sea worthy craft. Crew are expecting private heads, air conditioning, hot showers from watermakers.
3. Fear has risen. TV only shows danger and disasters. Fantastic safe trips have no viewer interest.
4. Couch-surfing has opened up an easy way for many to live free while traveling.

5. Women in particular are difficult In that they usually do not want to be the only woman aboard. On big boats they also ask about ratio.
6. Health is now a big problem. Used to be 90% Were fit enough to go sailing. Now it is like 25%.

Some websites are governed by members who believe sailing should be free. They think along the line that if a crew is neccessary they should be paid. They are applying the racing and weekend sailor model onto cruising sailors.

The only way to adapt I see is have a big sailboat with a core paid crew. It is then neccessary to tailor trips for short tr adventures. I found incorporation of sights of more than sailing to be key. You are looking for people tired of the cruise ships. People that like the simple.

Philip Maise Hot Buoys Sailing Vessel

Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-4-10_0:58:40 Quote    Reply

Who would pay to endure this on board this vessel or any other vessel

Yacht cruising is not a paradise, arm chair comfortable relaxing way to travel. Travellers are switching on.

Pay for a hell trip with control freaks that feed you beans, rice and noodles with tined sardines or MACKERAL. WHY would you.

Get paid for a hell trip, you might take a punt.

Get real sail your boat by yourself or pay crew like merchant shipping companies.

Read This.

Rescued! Baby who fell sick on family's yacht 900 miles off shore saved by multimillion dollar US warship and en route to hospital Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Sea saver

Want to know the Weather

Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2014-4-11_19:27:45 Quote    ReplyHere is another rescue, a poorly equipped Canadian yacht that tried to sail with non paid crew.

Mercy dash' to help solo sailor headed to NZ