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ID: 609 Title: Seeking Partners/Crew - North Pole Attempt! Replis: 0 Read: 712 Author: 1
Name: Mwolf  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2013-4-1_14:7:7 Quote    Reply
If you are not interested in joining me in being the first in history to sail to the north pole, please do not continue this ad. I am doing this on my own, without consultation or advice from anyone but experienced, seasoned professionals of my choosing. In other words, if you aren't coming along with me, I do not want your criticisms, advice, or anything of the sort.

If you are interested in joining me, read on.

I have evidence which suggests the North Pole will be ice free this summer. As such, I would like to make an attempt to be the first human being to sail to the North Pole, on water, in recorded human history.

My ship is perfectly suited to the job, but I require some further improvements for which I have run out of money. And as I have yet to find crew and do not wish to do this voyage alone, I figured I might as well see if anyone else wishes to invest anywhere near what I have invested thus far in this voyage ($70,000USD.)

Please note that I do not do this for money or glory. I do it to bring attention to carbon pollution and its effects on our planet. There WILL be significant potential for conflict as world powers jostle for position to exploit arctic resources only made available because we have overutilized fossil fuels as it is. If you seek glory, that's fine. If you want to capitalize on your investment, even better...for you.

I am NOT well financed, nor am I experienced (in point of fact, NO ONE is experienced in sailing to the North Pole, and I am gaining an understanding of arctic weather from intense research and observation). I am however quite skillful, intelligent, and most importantly capable and driven by passion. I have a healthy fear of the voyage, but a fear which garners respect and fosters safety. What's the point of trying if I don't survive to tell about it?

If you are interested, I am moored in Central California currently working on completion of preparation of my vessel. She is plenty big, of the ideal material for the job (repairs can be made wet, even massive holes, and they will cure underwater - no other hull material offers that feature, and no other feature is more important for the arctic than being able to make hull repairs at sea (ice...)

I am disabled; physically and mentally; and require assistance preparing the boat. My work is painfully slow (and painful as a matter of fact) so help would make this go tons faster. I plan to depart California in May, meet up with the Dalai Lama in Oregon shortly after, then head up to the Arctic, taking my time before entering the Arctic ocean in early August. For strategy's sake, I may travel via the Northwest Passage and sneak up when the weather breaks. This is a preliminary strategy of course and a final decision will be made as the time draws near.

If you have money to contribute, things will go rather quickly. I will likely have at least one crew member. If you do not have money to contribute, we will have to spend some time here making money and acquiring gear.

If you are interested, please contact me. My qualifications can only be determined by meeting me in person, spending some quality time with me to see that I am in fact quite capable, more so than probably anyone else (with the noteable exception or Sir Rannulf Feinnes.) So the sooner you get here, the sooner you can know that this is the voyage for you.

Oh, as an aside, during the voyage, we will be dispersing fertilizer on the oceans to initiate formation of massive algae blooms in order to soak up some of the CO2 in an experiment to demonstrate methods of reducing atmospheric carbon; which has gotten to the point of being toxic to humans (affects higher reasoning, i.e. makes people stupid!). Also, I will NOT be returning to America. I will be landing in and seeking Asylum abroad. Hey, I might as well hit the North Pole on the way, right?