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ID: 435 Title: Poll For the Ladies Replis: 6 Read: 4477 Author: 3  Page:[1]  2  
Name: N/A  Posts: 4    Vancouver Time: 2007-8-31_20:39:15 Quote    Reply
Greeting and Salutation, The question that I have has no one answer (I don't think) If you were designing a 32' Cutter for circumnavigation with a crew of two: What features would you include? Send answers and suggestions to my e-mail :Michael.A.Williams AT hotmail
Name: JAX Ashby  Posts: 14    Vancouver Time: 2007-9-1_5:2:47 Quote    Reply
People who have never been on a boat, ladies included, will have a different idea of "what's needed" compared to those who have. People, again including ladies, who have done some coastal cruising will have a different viewpoint than those who have spent time voyaging. Ladies who view a circumnavigation as a floating waterside resort will think differently than those understand what is going on. I had a lady, who claimed vast sailing experience, ask me where I anchored at night on offshore passages, or did I pull into marinas every night. Asking a general question of unknown ladies what they would like to see on a circumnavigating Yotte, is like asking sales associates at Macy's what one might wear to the polo matches. A circumnavigating sailboat generally does not have room for a couple dozen pairs of shoes, and of those sailboats that do have that room, the experienced ladies onboard have stuffed that available space with things far more important to them than shoes. Virtually no inexperienced ladies know that they want grab bars in the cabin and a certain crampness to avoid getting banged around in a seaway.
Name: N/A  Posts: 4    Vancouver Time: 2007-9-1_6:14:21 Quote    Reply
Mr. Ashby I am well aware that there are wide ranges of skill levels on the 7Knots ranging from none to hundreds of thousands of nautical miles. It is also true that the lesser experienced, in which I would include myself, might not necessarily know what is needed or desired on a sailboat for a circumnavigation. Likewise those with many sea miles, who do know what might be needed or desired, have a very large tendency not to agree that the sky is blue. I include myself in the less experienced group. I have logg less then 3,000 nautical miles. If you re-read my post carefully, I asked what features the LADIES would include. I know that there are experienced Lady sailors on this site as well as inexperienced. In either case, rational thought is all that I was asking for. I am also aware that there are as many different opinions about boats, design, and equipment out there as there are sailors. My estemmed Grandmother use to say that "Peoples opinions are like there butts, everyone has one and most of them stink, but that does not mean that are not interesting all the same."
Name: JAX Ashby  Posts: 14    Vancouver Time: 2007-9-2_6:18:17 Quote    Reply
Michael, I was trying to very gently tell you that you had asked a dumb question, of which you will not get useful answers. Interesting is that you candidly admit you knew it was a dumb question from the start. However, let's define the parameters of the quest before considering answers. IF you looking to impress middle-age (or younger) deck fluff to share your bed with you on your fine boat, you do it just as you would on land. Get yourself a gold Rolex, a titanium AmEx card, some Italian silk shirts and maybe an MB auto. Get the biggest gold-plater boat you can find and motor from one port to another, being seen in the sidewalk bistros. IF you are looking to find an endearing, enduring relationship "out there" in some port, your chances are nil. Virtually all the women "out there" are with a man (who they know and have known generally for years). Boat choice for them is a decision of partners, and depends on where they want to sail. IF you are looking for quick, newly-made lady friend sharing your bunk, there is little to none of that going on (local ladies know sailors are gone next week or month or season), except at various Race Weeks, which have their fair share of Racer Chasers. You and they are not going offshore during Race Week, so your boat equipment is not so important. Your charm is. For this venture, your warm smile is far more imporant than your choice of radar. Before you can find the solution to a problem, you have to define the problem.
Name: N/A  Posts: 4    Vancouver Time: 2007-9-2_7:8:3 Quote    Reply
Mr. Ashby. The only really stupid question is the one that never gets asked. I have read on this site as well as others, the opinion of what men want on and or in a sailboats. I also understand that the designers of this equipment and these boats are 99% male, and therefore the designs are from a male point of view. I am also well aware the design process differs according to the type of sailing that is intended, i.e. cruising, coastal, weekending, etc. As for deck fluff bow bunnies in a thong.....I have better things to do with my time. The original question was to find out what the ladies would include into a design of a 32' Cutter. I was attempting to find and see the difference in the priorities and their point of view. As for "looking" for a lady. That is not even a factor in the question. Nor is it even a consideration. I am not on this site or any other to find a companion. To me the internet is the greatest learning tool that has ever been created....and that is what I use it for.
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