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ID: 351 Title: Llook for crew. Why do we do it? Replis: 18 Read: 8813 Author: 9  Page:[1]  2  3  4  
Name: Mrjinge  Posts: 7  **  Vancouver Time: 2006-5-26_5:30:33 Quote    Reply
Tom please excuse the alias, however I am writing to ask why there are so many people trying to go cruising or yachting thinking they are doing us owners a big favour. They expect because we own a yacht and can retire that we seem to have a bottomless pit of money. I worked hard all my life and sold up to go cruising around the world, I obtained my masters ticket, by paying to go on courses and spending money paying to go on other peoples yachts, $200 for 4 days on average. I then laid out $250,000 buying the boat, pay $1500 per year insurance, $3000 for a years mooring, and over$1000 in general running costs not including gas. I feel slightly annoyed when I read ads for crew seeking boats that read:- "I am 22 years old, never been to sea looking for a job as deckhand but I haven't got a clue which rope is which. I don't know a head from a halyard, but I require payment and travelling expenses". Not on this website so often, but absolutely rife on "Find a crew", so please tell me am I the only one who thinks that we are ones being taken for a ride? I can understand that some females are prepared to give favors in exchange for being kept in board and lodging but why do we keep getting older guys who want to 'bum' around the world at other peoples expense. We keep getting told that $15 a day is the going rate, have you tried getting a room anywhere for that sort of cash. A shed out in the yard possibly but not a yacht! All the above and not even a hint on security, how do we know if we taking an axe murderer aboard? After all if we get thrown overboard, 'The skipper had a nasty accident and fell over in the middle of the night", is all it takes. Anybody else got any views?
Name: Kris Steyn  Posts: 15    Vancouver Time: 2006-5-28_11:21:32 Quote    Reply
I am with you all the way - you consistantly hear horror stories... But - let the skipper beware - have you seen the list of idiots on sailing anarchy asking where the best place is to stash the drugs on a boat where the CG wont find it . I am going to strip search every new crew/volunteer in future. and god help the F***** who I find with ANY drugs. Hey - and as for the ladies offering favours - its like pandora's box. please excuse the pun. I think I am going to marry my next crew - if she turns out any good. kris
Name: John  Posts: 9  **  Vancouver Time: 2006-7-29_4:32:56 Quote    Reply
I can understand your point about useless crew not knowing what they are doing,if you payed $200 for 4 days I think you were scammed,when you make a reference that you cannot get a hotel room for $15 thats right but then if you are in a hotel you don`t have to get up and do night watches ,put up and take down sails,hand helm if the auto pilot can`t take rough weather and all the other things that goes with sailing,some skippers want contributions some don`t ,its up to the individual to work out what they are happy with ,there are 2 ways of looking at everything.
Name: Mrjinge  Posts: 7  **  Vancouver Time: 2006-7-31_22:51:14 Quote    Reply
Hi John, I see from your profile that a) you say you are very experienced b) you do not pay to share c) you are prepared to be called in the middle of the night. Well good luck to you! You must be in great demand. I look for crew that want to sail like normal human beings and not do night shifts unnecessarily. I didn't go to the rufty tuffy school of sailing and do it purely for enjoyment, and if crew cannot pay for 'holidays', they should be moving yachts about for the many unscrupulous delivery skippers that are out there, and believe me I've met a few. When you say I was scammed, I feel that to obtain pleasures in life there is always a bill to pay at the end of the day. As I said, good luck to you I will think of you next time in the middle of the night when I'm tucked up in my heated cabin, the wind is blowing a real hoolie and the rain is coming down nearly sidewards in bucketloads, and you’re out there changing sails!.
Name: John  Posts: 9  **  Vancouver Time: 2006-8-1_1:4:22 Quote    Reply
You don`t do night shifts as you call them ? you mean night watches of course,you must only do day sailing then?everyone is different mate,some like yourself want contributions towards the costs some think the work done onboard plus all the night watches is enough of a contribution.who is to say which one is right or wrong.You paid $200 for 4 days sailing,if you were being shown how to sail that is fine ,if you were just another crew member making contributions towards costs it seems pretty high.
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