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ID: 327 Title: Chocolate Factory Boat crew ? Replis: 3 Read: 1664 Author: 4
Name: Kris Steyn  Posts: 15    Vancouver Time: 2006-1-21_1:10:14 Quote    Reply
I have replied to this crew request a few times and had zero response - it seems to come up regularly ? any comment ?
Name: Salty Sidney  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2006-1-27_7:13:53 Quote    Reply
being at a loose end this winter i also browsed this ad. it seems however that the skipper is looking for a potential LTR...(and that aint gonna be
Name: John  Posts: 9  **  Vancouver Time: 2006-5-21_6:15:38 Quote    Reply
What does LTR mean? I have also seen this ad it is a permenant fixture on here,maybe its just a crank.
Name: N/A  Posts: 2  **  Vancouver Time: 2006-7-9_7:3:58 Quote    Reply
Hi, It's no crank. He does have a boat and the ad has been in awhile. LTR is long-term relationship. I'm looking for LTR myself and though I'm in Grenada, I'll pass..again.