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ID: 186 Title: Tips And Advice Wanted Replis: 6 Read: 3497 Author: 5  Page:[1]  2  
Name:  Posts: 4    Vancouver Time: 2004-8-15_13:8:36 Quote    Reply
I plan on purchasing at least a 37ft sailboat for myself only at the first of they year, it will be my first chance to really take off for awhile, I would like to hear some feedback about others trips, what I should expect for costs etc. I am pretty much throwing in my dive equipment and a starting amount of supplies, I am going to head off to god knows where, I dont plan on returning for a year or 2 at least, I think I will see what I can do for going around the world. So...Any imput will be greatly appreciated about boat preference, etc. Thanks Dustin
Name: Michael  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2004-8-18_3:53:51 Quote    Reply
Hi, I have lived aboard and circumnavigated - had some adventures and some great times - my web site may be helpful - after a visit email me if there is anything I can help or advise on. regards Michael
Name: Duncan  Posts: 6    Vancouver Time: 2004-8-18_11:30:5 Quote    Reply
Hi Dustin, one of the things to consider is displacment, if you buy a boat that is med to light displacement you will be limited in the amount of stores you can carry without compromising sailing proformance. so I suggest a med heavy to heavy displacment design. You can check out Mahina Expeditions at the site has a comrehensive list of sutable vessiles for crusing and passag making. Good luck and fair winds!
Name: Karl Darwin  Posts: 5    Vancouver Time: 2004-8-26_23:44:38 Quote    Reply've the right idea...pitch on the dive gear and enough food and water and go. You want to live a planned life or cut loose? I took off south from BC with my first boat when I was 19. Gaff cutter, no motor, lots of supplies and 2 girls--there's a rush??
Name:  Posts: 4    Vancouver Time: 2004-8-28_10:54:4 Quote    Reply
Cut loose by far, The appeal to just go see the world is killing me, Ive been saving up for years, to just take off and go... I will probbably take on crew, at least 1 other person who doesnt have a real timetable for returning, because I dont forsee myself wanting to come back, I got a TEFL from a university here, and have a Associates Degree In Computer Networking, I imagine between the TEFL and working odd jobs, mostly manual labor I shouldnt have too much of a problem. I am currently knee deep in "Work your way around the world" books....doing my homework before I leave...;) I would love to get some info from anyone who has just cut loose and headed out, if you would email me with your own experiences, good and bad i would greatly appreciate it. Thanks Dustin
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