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ID: 114 Title: Have You Found Love Through Sailing? Replis: 23 Read: 13652 Author: 23  Page:[1]  2  3  4  5  
Name: Meg  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-9-23_19:48:8 Quote    Reply
I'm writing a magazine article on the topic and would love to hear about your successful (or not!) relationship.
Please email me at or post a reply and how to contact you.
Name: Mermaid Mymie  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2004-2-15_21:47:21 Quote    Reply
Hi, Not yet, but still hopeful. My dream is to find a soul mate to share sailing to the south pacific. I have the boat or it could be his. Well, You never know!!!!!!!!!!!! I,m an attractive 48 y.o. mermaid looking for the right merman to sail with.
email me back with if you have any ideas.
Name: Mark Provo  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2004-3-15_18:14:25 Quote    Reply
Sometimes I hope to find a compatible person in energy, attractiveness and some ability to help financially, but most of the male vessel operators appear a little desperate or maybe its a concern that I don't want to give that impression. Renee and I had a great time with the boat forrays, but alas, she has a mortgage and great job. On the other hand I am unencumbered with a boat ready for the Coastal cruising in the Pacific N.W. and more. I have planned for years for the opportunity and it could be an ideal lifestyle. The word "soulmate" is kicked around a bit much but Thomas Moore's book entitled "Soulmates" is a good read. Cheers! Mark
Name: Sail The World  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2004-5-9_17:20:2 Quote    Reply
No, not yet But I just sent a message to sailormymie (2 ads upper).... So, we both may tell you more quite soon ! smile Michel FRANCE Thanks
Name: Michelle Ray  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2004-6-30_9:16:30 Quote    Reply
As a competitive dinghy sailor looking for some coastal sailing experience a few summers ago, I placed a crew ad with 7knots. What I received was a flood of e-mails from lecherous men (all at least 20+ years my senior) soliciting “crew”. One of these old goats even sent me a photograph of himself shirtless and holding a martini while leering suggestively at the camera (this image was accompanied by some pretty inappropriate text as well)! Scrolling through the crew wanted list, this appears to be a popular theme.
I wish there was a way around this attitude because there are plenty of women looking for genuine sailing experience and these attitudes tend to belittle women and the sport of sailing. That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of captains/boat owners who are legitimately looking for crew and nothing more. And I’m sure the lecherous captains with bad intentions make legitimate crew searches more difficult by scaring off potential crew and setting an inappropriate tone to crew-wanted lists. Okay—so I’m not a total grump and can appreciate that there’s value in meeting like-minded people and starting relationships while sailing. But I do wish that women didn’t feel that their sexuality was a main concern (i.e. looking good in a bikini as being more significant than the ability to handle a spinnaker) as they look for boats to crew on.
This aspect of the sailing (or should I say the “singles”) scene would be an interesting angle for some writing, right?
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