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ID: 788 Title: Ideal Windlass/Schaefer Marine - Boycott - Criminal Pricing! Replis: 0 Read: 531 Author: 1
Name: Disperser.Wolf  Posts: 17    Vancouver Time: 2017-3-9_14:24:39 Quote    Reply
Some time ago I got a quote for parts from Ideal to rebuild my V5C/BHW Windlass.

I was quoted the prices for part numbers V5C13 and 17 as approximately $200 each.

I have now tried to order those prices and am being told by Schaefer that the prices are $1048 each, as they are "new castings."

This is illegal as hell, and I suggest that everyone very carefully consider this when deciding on a windlass or your supplier for marine parts. If Schaefer is going to take advantage of me like this, and Ideal is going to charge such exhorbitant prices, then I think its clear that neither company wants to be "great again" and thus does NOT need our business.