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ID: 37 Title: Experience with DIESEL STOVES? Replis: 7 Read: 5622 Author: 7  Page:1  [2]  
Name: Sarah Tanburn  Posts: 2  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-7-31_4:24:47 Quote    Reply
Hi - we have recently installed a Wallas deisel stove on our 40' ketch. It's early days but mostly we're very pleased with it. (We had some serious teething problems, but touch wood they are now resolved.) This was the ONLY deisel (not oil/kerosene) stove with gimbals we could find on the market anywhere. We have the stove and hob. You cannot add the burner lid to this combo, to help as a heater. It does put out quite a bit of heat, but as we are based in England so far we have not seen that as a problem at all. It does take a while to warm up (more like an Aga or an electic oven than gas) but is incredibly effective to use - very even heat so great for baking, stir frying etc. The biggest drawback is undoubtedly cost - it has cost us more than the inverter for instance by the time you factor in installation (not a diy job). For us, it gets rid of gas and frees up one (of only) two decklevel lockers for safety equipment (eg seaanchors) - and we had to replace the old cooker anyway as it was rusting to bits. We would be v interested in other people's experiences too.
Name: John Fier  Posts: 3    Vancouver Time: 2003-8-3_21:36:44 Quote    Reply
Sarah, What type, model # of Wallas did you install? What is a hob-"stove and hob"? Also what were the teething problems? Does it make much noise while fired up;i.e., the exhaust blower? We have a small cast iron stove for heat in which we burn compressed chip wood logs, that I split with an axe into bagel size thickness. Very toasty in wet weather.
Name: Christopher Chapman  Posts: 3    Vancouver Time: 2005-12-23_13:37:18 Quote    Reply
The dickenson stoves are very good for their intended purpose, and they certainly do put out the heat. But if you switch over to an Espar for example pls keep in mind the power consumption of these units. My Espar is a great unit, but requires 8 AH (amp/hour)! Not a problem when alongside connected to shore power on the battery charger, but calculate that over a 24 hour period and you use up a lot of your battery reserve while cruising.
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