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ID: 264 Title: SPRING BOLTS ON SELF T BARIENT 24 Replis: 0 Read: 1143 Author: 1
Name: Chetan  Posts: 8  **  Vancouver Time: 2005-5-8_21:53:55 Quote    Reply
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I am sailing an X 372 Sport in the waters around Bombay India.
We regularly grease the Barient winches but unfortunately during the last service, a few bolts were rusted in their own thread.
Result: the bolts broke. Some part of the bolt now appears to be stuck inside the thread.
It concerns the springloaded bolt which makes the self-tailing plates work.
I have attached a picture of the winch, which we can still use, but the self-tailing function is not 100% due to the two missing bolts.
The make is Barient and size is 24
My question is whether this can be fixed as I believe that part of the bolt is still inside the winch.

If I drill out the bolt, but then I dont know whether I can put back a new bolt since drilling will make the thread useless).

The pictures below explain the situation rather clearly

Hope you can give me some advice.