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ID: 247 Title: Re-Powwer Replis: 2 Read: 1645 Author: 3
Name: Svsavoirfaire  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2005-2-17_11:5:41 Quote    Reply
I am looking to re-power my Tartan 43'. Do any of you have comments on Westerbeke, Yanmar, Ford Lehman or Beta Marine engines? My calc's indiate 70 bhp. Thanks, John
Name: Mark K.  Posts: 3    Vancouver Time: 2005-7-4_6:22:24 Quote    Reply
I personaly am a big fan of Yanmar. They then to be lighter, more reliable and a bit less vibration than the others.
Name: Dumpster  Posts: 2  **  Vancouver Time: 2005-7-11_11:13:20 Quote    Reply
Hello I repowered my 32ft double ender 3 years ago with a Beta 28hp and I am very pleased with the purchase (so far). I also have had extensive expierence with the Ford leeman 110HP they are a truely a great engine. I am however not expierenced with Fords other products. The Beta uses a Kubota(not sure on the spelling) block which I am told is among the best in the industry. I have heard (and seen) a lot about the Yanmar engine line and not all of it was good. Stay away from the Westerbeak, a good fried of mine is a very good diesel mechanic and he cautioned me about them. It can be a little scary purchasing a new engine because they are expensive and it's something you have to live with for a long time. Best of luck with your decision. D