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ID: 243 Title: Heart Interface Link 10 Electrical System Monitor Replis: 3 Read: 1823 Author: 4
Name: Hugh  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2005-2-4_13:44:17 Quote    Reply
I have the Heart Interface Link 10 Electrical System Monitor with the Heart Freedom inverter. Sitting at the pier with the 115vac conected, the Link 10 contiunes to increase in amp hours used. With the inverter on this should be replacing any used amps from the battery, however I continue to see the amp hours used increasing but the total amp hours available is the same at 225 amp hours, which is the maximun. Any help or anywhere I might find some research on this would be helpful. Thanks Hugh
Name: Petar  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2005-8-9_13:40:13 Quote    Reply
Ok I have installed link 10 on my boat as well. How do you see the total number of AH available? On link 10 you see the voltage across the house bank, total amp hours used, the current draw and the amount of time batteries would last at present current draw. In any event, you should double check the circuits. Unplug the freedom and note the amp reading on the link10. Then plug it in, and note the amps at the link 10. If this leads to nothing, have alternate means of measuring DC current produced by the freedom. Link 10 should have a shunt at the battery negative terminal. that one measures the current. Onother source of problem could be that you're using more DC amps then heart freedom can produce so that you're still lowering the AH of the house bank. Try turning everything off and seeing how many amps are comming out of your house bank. Good luck, Petar
Name: John  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2005-8-19_7:21:5 Quote    Reply
It could be that the charger/inverter is not wired corrcetly, allowing the charging current to by-pass the shunt.
Name: Lee  Posts: 4  **  Vancouver Time: 2005-9-3_5:22:52 Quote    Reply
I think you will find that the charger ground wire is attached at the wrong point. It needs to go to the side of the shunt that is NOT connected to the battery negative. (therefore, it cannot be connected AT the battery) Lee