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ID: 91 Title: Captain Log entris are DAY logs, please ! Replis: 2 Read: 2289 Author: 2
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-6-25_22:55:37 Quote    Reply
Please break up large reports into smaller units in terms of days, just like how we enter a ship log.

Once again, each log allows one photo upload up to 65K in size. Feel free to use this service. In theory, you don't even have to create your own website to tell your cruising stories. All you've got to do is bring a floppy disk to a shore internet cafe every two weeks and enter(cut-and-paste) a dozen of logs with pictures! Oh, pictures come from your $100 digital camera. Free and quick.

Name: Corley Sevigny  Posts: 3  **  Vancouver Time: 2005-1-21_11:40:52 Quote    Reply
Hi Tom...I want to thankyou for your help in the past. I am trying to post my question on the forum (general) for info on the arc. It went on Test posts at the end #171. How do I get it to the beginning? Headline is Need info on the ARC website (Atlantic Cruiser Rally. Thanks, Corley Sevigny #1629
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2005-1-22_14:53:0 Quote    Reply
Just post a new one in the appropriate catagory