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ID: 76 Title: Captain / Crew Bad List Replis: 13 Read: 12538 Author: 8  Page:1  2  [3]  
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 165  **  Vancouver Time: 2005-11-3_16:29:40 Quote    Reply
Thanks greg.
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 165  **  Vancouver Time: 2012-7-14_17:33:36 Quote    Reply

QUOTE "Does anybody know if there is such a list, or for that matter some system that protects crew like myself?. This particular delivery captain; is trying to attract delivery crew that will pay him US$35/day when he is in fact receiving a crew allowance from the owner; left one port without paying for diesel; left another after puting a hole in a boat and failed to notify anyone; drank excessively during the delivery of a 70' luxury sail boat; screamed at his crew; helped himself to their personal items; endangered his crew sometimes resulting in injury; refused to feed a crew member for two days; now two months overdue on the delivery to Singapore; has burned his way through six crew members since leaving LA in November, and so the story goes on."

I will further add to my defence the additional problems this person SANDRA STEVENS from New Zealand caused.
The trip was shortly after the 9/11 attacks. For some reason at a bar in Fiji on the foreshore with the barmaid close by She makes a statement in a reasonably loud voice to me that in her opinion a another crew member a USA male was a MUSLIM-ON A MISSION FROM GOD- AND A MEMBER WITH Al QAEDA . Later I saw her speaking to to Elder FIJI chiefs in a group and accordingly I approached with the intention to join in for drinks. However as soon as she spotted us (the so called Al Qaeda crew member) she bows her head and quickly does an exit. At arriving at the table we where asked if we where Muslims.
On leaving Fiji and arriving at Noumea Guess what = Customs French New Caledonia intelligence officers - drug dogs- explosive sniffers dogs the whole 9 yards waiting. Ordered to close all hatches while the dogs do a search pass through the Boat. Passports all inspected and I was advised I had the option with the crew member from the US Local lock up or House arrest at the Marina provided we did not venture from the marina enclosure will two intelligence agents posted 24/24 hrs until he could get clearance from the FBI and the CIA, while she packs her bags and goes TIKI touring on another vessel with no mention when she was returning or continuing as a crew member.
7 days later I was advised clearance had been received from the FBI and CIA via Sydney with an apology for the inconvenience caused.

I have since had a comment from a third party once you are in the FBI and CIA files no one ever gets around to removing them.

Was not allowed to anchor in the harbour to save costs. 8 days Marina Costs and no site seeing - only escorts to the Marina toilets by Intelligence officers and the talk of the whole yachting fraternity at the marina.

If any body wants to do the dirty on a Skipper and cause HAVOC Just repeat her statement in the right place and He Presto. YOU would have to be pretty sick in the head though.
Some seasons later happen to be in TAHITI and clearing customs and the SAME Sandra Stevens is in full view having issues with the Skipper she was crew with at Customs again.

Persons claiming to be Sandra Stevens.


Want head aches : Have crew member: SAM on board.

And I'm supposed to be the BAD guy?

Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 165  **  Vancouver Time: 2012-7-19_18:7:20 Quote    Reply

"Let the sun shine, let the rain cease, let the lakes and rivers run dry so 2012AD, 2013AD & 2014AD are good vintageyears and gold, elite gold medal winning years for N.Z.wines"

Name: Conrad  Posts: 6  **  Vancouver Time: 2012-10-12_18:59:49 Quote    Reply
Phil sounds rather credible to me. His post was written with enough detail to make the OP look like a fool. So I assume she is a fool. Regarding the laptop, get your own.
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