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ID: 76 Title: Captain / Crew Bad List Replis: 13 Read: 12629 Author: 8  Page:1  [2]  3  
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-4_22:11:27 Quote    Reply
The statements made by this female are incorrect. Why don't you declare your true name instead of hidding behide the name seaspirit. Perhaps your name is Sandra Stevens.
Fact one - I did not receive a crew allowance for crew.
Fact two I did not drink excessively.
Fact three - Helped myself to your personal belongings. What two $1 chocolate bars which where placed in the Captains refrigerator. Get of the grass and grow up.
Fact four. All ships stores, except water and ice where withdrawn in retailiation for the withdrawal of the lap top computer which was used to receive weather faxes three times a day. One can't sail in the cyclone season in cyclone waters without 12 hourly weather infomation. The computer was withdrawn because another crew member was using it and allowed the batteries to run down to 37% when she stipulated the batteries where not to go below 40% for some reason. No big deal just turn the genset on. No need to endanger your own life as well as the rest on board and endanger the vessel as well. All she had to do was return the lap top to the nav station and all privilages would have been restored. She chose not to eat for two days. As far as I'M concerned any hardship she endured was self inflicked. It was a condition of her being a crew member, that the ship would have unconditional use of her lap top.
She also openly stated on numerous occasions, "men had to learn to heel to females" with this sort of philos why do you keep on joining vessels with male captains. The previous vessel she was on she called the Captain " The Captain from hell" and went into print with a similar articale in two publications, titled THE CAPTAIN FROM HELL. She gets great enjoyment showing her stories in publications. This particular female should be looking for vessels with female Captains.
Fact five.She arrived back on the vessel early one morning after a all night drinking spree glotting she had all these males buying her drinks after she had made a statement, Whoopps I'm down to my last $10 and fell overlaughing, and stating she still had her $10 in her pocket. Not my type of person actually.
Fact six: The owner is well aware of all incidents, as all incidents where documented,she wrote a deflamatory long winded leter to the owner, which was duly filed in the appropiate cabinet.
Fact seven: It's not easy to sail with strangers of the internet especially in the cyclone season. There is always two sides to every story and for people to sit in judgement after only hearing one side, amazes me. But there is always Knights in shinning armour ready to rush to the help of seemily helpless females. This woman claims to have sailed 35,000 nms yet know very little about boats or sailing.
Fact eight: You win some and you loose some.
Phil Clarke. (Captain from hell no 2)
Name: OCEAN SAILOR  Posts: 171  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-4_22:16:39 Quote    Reply
I will add also this little friend is 45 years old, been married and divored her husband when he became incapacitated as a result of an accident.
Name:  Posts:  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-5_19:16:38 Quote    Reply
Go Phil!!!
Name: Big Red  Posts: 3  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-5_21:56:57 Quote    Reply
Name: Gredwards  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2003-4-6_17:23:37 Quote    Reply
I joined this boat in Darwin en route to Bali together with 5 other people and for five days had not one bad experience, in fact I then decided to go on to Singapore for another 6 days. I did hear the story about this woman and not wanting to get involved with a slanging match, there are 2 sides to every yarn.
I didn't see any holes in the boat nor saw any excessive drinking. The fuel issue was resolved as I understand and it would seen the whole issue arose from a personallity clash which inveritably arises from time to time on long voyages. Regards
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