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ID: 76 Title: Captain / Crew Bad List Replis: 13 Read: 12633 Author: 8  Page:[1]  2  3  
Name: SAM  Posts: 5    Vancouver Time: 2003-3-25_14:42:3 Quote    Reply
Does anybody know if there is such a list, or for that matter some system that protects crew like myself?.

This particular delivery captain; is trying to attract delivery crew that will pay him US$35/day when he is in fact receiving a crew allowance from the owner; left one port without paying for diesel; left another after puting a hole in a boat and failed to notify anyone; drank excessively during the delivery of a 70' luxury sail boat; screamed at his crew; helped himself to their personal items; endangered his crew sometimes resulting in injury; refused to feed a crew member for two days; now two months overdue on the delivery to Singapore; has burned his way through six crew members since leaving LA in November, and so the story goes on.

Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-3-25_21:8:27 Quote    Reply
For a responsible post and for true warnings to all users here, please name him/her.
Name: SAM  Posts: 5    Vancouver Time: 2003-3-25_22:34:11 Quote    Reply
Phil Clarke: ;
Name: Mike Calhoun  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-4_19:58:58 Quote    Reply
You need to discreetly contact the owner of the yacht. The Captain is his/her agent, the owner is legally responsible to pay wages under Maritime Law. The owner would probably be glad to know the reputation their current captain is earning for their vessel.
Name: SAM  Posts: 5    Vancouver Time: 2003-4-4_21:59:26 Quote    Reply
Thanks Mike for your comments. We are on the verge of identifying the owner. This is a genuine attempt at protecting people like my little friend, thank you for your support.
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