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ID: 70 Title: How does pay work out? Replis: 1 Read: 1828 Author: 2
Name: Michael Kevany  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2003-3-14_21:34:52 Quote    Reply
Hello. I'm new to all this and really grateful for a site like the one here. What a godsend for this kind of industry. I have a couple of questions. I used to sail with some friends and it was great but I moved on in work and did a lot of other things. Anyway, life's too short and I think spending it on the sea has got to be one of the best places I could imagine. I'm in getting into this as a career but have no role models to look to for answer some key questions so I'll throw them out there and hope for a response from someone. I'm considering going down to Australia for some training to achieve Competent Crew status or even higher. Is this a good idea or even necessary? Would it realistically help me find work? Remember, I'm not a woman (but I've got nice legs. just kidding!) Also, I'm not clear as to how all the crew is paid. How can I find that out? Nobody seems to mention it. Lastly, what are the possibilities available in this kind of work?I'm willing to retrain as I'm sure will be necessary but is it all deliveries? I'm at a bit of a crossroads and would really appreciate anybody's help on these things if they have a little extra time on their hands.
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-3-14_22:39:31 Quote    Reply
When it comes to travelling around while getting paid, I think you stand a better chance, say, teaching English in Asia than crewing for not-so-rich western yachtsmen. Also, the competition, as you can see in our Crewlist, is very keen for new comers.
The outlook is gloomy. I just finished a 3 week visit to Taiwan. In all three major fishing harbours I checked out, most onboard workers were from Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines or mainland China. I talked to a group of 15 or so Vietnamese living aboard a 60' wooden fishing boat. They signed a two year contract with the Taiwanese boat owner for $165 USD/month regardless the catch. These are hard-working, never-complain, no-attitude, nice people. How much longer will it take before they would find out about in Ho Chi Min City? Or, before the blood sucking broker agents find out about 7knots and post a bunch of inviting crew ads. Despite the language and paperwork difficulties, that would end the so-called "godsend industry" pretty good.
Now, you are male... wrong sex... I'm afraid you have to prepare for a not only "no-pay", but also "chip-in" mentality to be able to travel around on boats.
The adorable situation of our lady sailors will change eventually under globalization. Friend of mine in 1999, witnessed "renting" a teenager girl for $5 USD/week in Cuba. I hate to be so negative. If you have cheerful replies, let us hear.