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ID: 6 Title: Tell Some Succesful Stories From Our Crew Finder Replis: 6 Read: 6192 Author: 5  Page:1  [2]  
Name: Cc Mumbo  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2005-5-25_13:6:46 Quote    Reply
^ lol
Name: Eric Knudsen  Posts: 2  **  Vancouver Time: 2005-5-28_13:26:0 Quote    Reply
I'm stuck on land with two kids in college but I work a 4 day week. I used my 3 days off & your site to help crew boats up and down the chesapeake. It works well when the boat is not in a rush ( IE two or three days then stop: Norfolk to Solomons, then Annapolis then Cape May.) This way the skipper gets to visit with friends or site see while I go back to work. Then when they are ready to move again I'm back. some times I take a day or 2 off for a long leg. I recently helped a PDQ 36 make the run form Oyster Bay to Norfolk in three legs. it was great experience and gave me the confidence to charter a 38 cat in BVI for 11 days over the Xmas Holidays. Due to the back up at the Bitter End's fuel dock they wouldn't let me tie up temporary.I had to rotate the cat in its own footprint and back it up to the end of the dock to let my 82 year old dad (2 plastic knees) step off the swim platform on to the dock. a thumbs up from this former USNA grad made my day. Your site is my connection to boats so that I can continue to get the experience so when the time comes I can enjoy sailing as skipper. Recently I been asked to do the Bermuda race next year. Even though I've been sailing in the bay for years it was my overnight from NYC to Cape May that convince the skipper that I could be in his bluewater crew. Thanks EK
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