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ID: 6 Title: Tell Some Succesful Stories From Our Crew Finder Replis: 6 Read: 6190 Author: 5  Page:[1]  2  
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-1-28_14:11:27 Quote    Reply
Post your experience here so all of us can learn from you.
Name: Chris Roberts  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2003-2-4_13:29:44 Quote    Reply
I haven't used the site in a while, I started on it a year or more ago and mailed a couple captains. after a while now I have talked to two of them and I am going on cruises with both this month. the site works just keep trying!
Name: Mark Richter  Posts: 3    Vancouver Time: 2003-7-23_20:8:40 Quote    Reply
I answered an ad from a woman looking for a boat to crew on, even though she was on the West coast, and I was in Florida. A week later, she e-mailed me, saying that she was now in North Carolina and heading to Florida. We met-up in Ft. Lauderdale, and cruised happily together in the FL Keys, Bahamas, and up the ICW to the Chesapeake for 5 months. Thanks for your incredible site. Mark Richter
Name: Mark Richter  Posts: 3    Vancouver Time: 2003-12-28_12:34:27 Quote    Reply
I guess I'm the luckiest guy on 7knots. In July a wonderful woman with 3 years cruising experience answered my ad for a cruising mate. I flew to FL in August to meet her, and then she flew up to Chesapeake Bay for a 2-week trial cruise in September. Now I'm back in FL with the boat, and she's quit her job to go cruising with me full time. We're heading to Bahamas in Jan, then to the Tennessee River for the summer. Next winter we'd like to cruise to Belize and Guatamala. Thanks, Tom for this wonderful site!
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-12-28_16:16:52 Quote    Reply
It's not fair..
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