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ID: 57 Title: Should We Include Power Boats? Replis: 6 Read: 5035 Author: 7  Page:1  [2]  
Name: Jim  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-9_17:59:2 Quote    Reply
It depends on what the primary criteria is. If it is to create a sailors only club, then obviously no. If it is to target people who enjoy boats and cruising at a slower pace, then why not? If it is based upon speed, should sailors of high speed racing boats be allowed? They certainly travel at considerably more than 7 knots.

As for me? My wife and I own a DeFever trawler. Or normal cruise speed is 7 knots. Our "don't spare the horses" speed is 8 knots. And wide open, shoveling coal as fast as we can, we do a blindly fast 8.25 knots.

Shouldn't the criteria be people who take boats and boating seriously? People who are, or have a desire, to do long distance voyaging. It would seem to me that attitude is a lot more important than the primary means of motivating the boat. After all, our boat has a sail, and I see a heck of a lot of sailboats motoring along with sails furled, even under favorable wind conditions.

Just my thoughts,
Jim - a stinkpotter who grew up a ragbagger

Name: Loes Buisman  Posts: 3    Vancouver Time: 2004-11-17_18:11:48 Quote    Reply
Why not?
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