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ID: 57 Title: Should We Include Power Boats? Replis: 6 Read: 5080 Author: 7  Page:1  2  
Name: ROGER GERSON  Posts: 4    Vancouver Time: 2003-3-1_4:50:10 Quote    Reply
No, but if you must make it a separate page, otherwise they out number sailors and will take over the listings eventually or at least add to the type of boat choice (sail or motor and then subcaterogies)so one can elimnate the stinkpots from the lists. This would apply to all pages on the site; crewlist,crew wanted, forum, for sail, etc. Thanks for asking!!!
Name: Ms. Alexis Fenner  Posts: 15  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-3-25_21:31:35 Quote    Reply
I firmly believe that 7Knots should allow motor cruisers be part of this list. For many years I cruised the eastern Atlantic and the Med'. I owned and run solo, a fifty five foot wooden cruiser. I have years of experience aboard both sail and motor vessels, the oceans are to be enjoyed by both types of recreational boaters. I do dislike this "Us" and "Them" mentality when it comes to sail and power vessels. There has always been a common bond between sailors of all vessels plying the oceans. I had the great honour of serving under a captain that in his time, was master of a sailing vessel, a steam ship, a motor ship and one of the first nuclear ships. If this man could make the adjustment to each type of vessel, surely we also can.

The oceans are one of the last frontiers on this earth, that the average person can explore. I bet those that refer to power vessels as "Stinkpots", drive vehicles on land. One cannot deny the existence of power driven vehicles or boats. My life has brought me to live in Canada and once again I am on the ocean, I live aboard and am in the process of renovating a 1928 wooden boat. Because I have an affinity with vessels made of wood, does not mean that I have to deny the existence of those made of glass, steel or perhaps ferro. Uniting sailors of all types of vessels can only serve to make the boaters voice be heard in the circles that seek to introduce more regulations or taxes that will eventually take away our lifestyle.



Name: Jim  Posts: 1  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-4-9_17:59:2 Quote    Reply
It depends on what the primary criteria is. If it is to create a sailors only club, then obviously no. If it is to target people who enjoy boats and cruising at a slower pace, then why not? If it is based upon speed, should sailors of high speed racing boats be allowed? They certainly travel at considerably more than 7 knots.

As for me? My wife and I own a DeFever trawler. Or normal cruise speed is 7 knots. Our "don't spare the horses" speed is 8 knots. And wide open, shoveling coal as fast as we can, we do a blindly fast 8.25 knots.

Shouldn't the criteria be people who take boats and boating seriously? People who are, or have a desire, to do long distance voyaging. It would seem to me that attitude is a lot more important than the primary means of motivating the boat. After all, our boat has a sail, and I see a heck of a lot of sailboats motoring along with sails furled, even under favorable wind conditions.

Just my thoughts,
Jim - a stinkpotter who grew up a ragbagger

Name: Loes Buisman  Posts: 3    Vancouver Time: 2004-11-17_18:11:48 Quote    Reply
Why not?
Name:  Posts:  **  Vancouver Time: Quote    Reply
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