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ID: 501 Title: bad boats Replis: 3 Read: 3729 Author: 4
Name: Rita  Posts: 2  **  Vancouver Time: 2009-11-19_1:1:59 Quote    Reply
Hi, what do just sugest to do when: you are crew, made a long distance flight to a boat (which is maintained and clean - the captain points out severall times) and you find a boat with cockroaches and a cat running around (after he cleaned the cat toilet I found cat excrements in the outside shower nozzle). All was toped by paying half of his mooring fees cause he didn't have enough money. Guess what? I never got the money back.
Name: Edsailing  Posts: 5  **  Vancouver Time: 2009-11-19_2:39:46 Quote    Reply
It sounds like you just learned some of life's hard lessons. Don't lend money to someone you don't know and trust. Don't travel a long way at your expense if you know nothing of what is waiting for you. Also, if you get to a boat and you are not happy with it or the captain, be prepared to cut your losses and walk away. Don't let it put you off - you know more now than you did before - Next time it will be better. Good luck for the future
Name: bluewater  Posts: 5    Vancouver Time: 2010-11-6_7:51:11 Quote    Reply
I crossed the atlantic on a million dollar Halberg-Rassey. The British skipper was a nut-case! After requesting that I polish the brightwork he would say, "Now, Hop to it!" Fuggin' jerk! I jumped ship in the Azores and instantly got on another boat. Don't let some rich prick treat you like a galley slave!
Name: Jerry  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2011-1-16_9:33:31 Quote    Reply
My tack is to be 100% honest first with yourself and the other person. Ask all the tough questions. Bring up the subject of two people living in tight quarters and ask the other's opinion on how that will work. Be honest about your own personality traits and ask to know theirs. If you don't like the answers or at the first sign of deception, move on and look somewhere else.