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ID: 44 Title: Remove Old Entries From Crewlist & C.Wanted List? Replis: 1 Read: 1481 Author: 2
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-2-2_9:13:12 Quote    Reply
A few 7k users were annoyed by the out-of-date posts on the crewlist and crew wanted list. Should we figure it out a way to switch off these ads and remove them from the two lists?
If so, what's the criteria for removal? 30 days? 60 days without updating? or ?? Of course, we don't want to piss off our members by deleting their ads... any suggestions?
Name: ROGER GERSON  Posts: 4    Vancouver Time: 2003-2-2_14:3:30 Quote    Reply
Crew wanted posts should be deleted/automatically expire when the sailing date has passed for the boat. Maybe send an auto reminder to the sailor that their post is past the time when s/he was supposed to sail and if s/he is still looking for crew to change sailing date within "x" days or it will be deleted. On the crew list maybe have an expiration date box on the input screen. So that it will disappear on it's own unless the sailor comes back to edit the date. Do the same auto reminder or not? for those seeking boats as described above. I think it would save a lot of page scrolling and keep the ones that are really active, active! Fair Winds, Roger