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ID: 374 Title: Ship delivery,workboats,fishing, Replis: 0 Read: 1869 Author: 1
Name: Salichev  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2006-8-14_1:59:5 Quote    Reply
Sea have built many advanced vessels in Europe and in China. In order to improving our newbuilding offers, we are in regular contact with the most important shipyards around the world. We can work out newbuilding projects & shipyards, for building your ship at very competetive prices. SHIPYARD SHIPBUILDING . Activity: PROVISION OF SHIPBUILDING SERVICES Our firm specialises in the following areas:1 It is solely responsible for: 1. promoting Shipyards internationally. 2. the pre-contract stage (pre-offer and final offer). 3. the contract stage (negotiation and preparation of the shipbuilding contract). If you are considering to built a new ship, please advise us of your main chriteria and we will in turn promptly propose our alternative solution to you! Specialising in the sale and purchase of fishing and reefer cargo vessels, project development, and the negotiation and contracting of newbuilding vessels. Ship delivery( workboats,fishing vessels and yachts) Provision of Shipbuilding Services Ship Sale & Purchase .Yacht Sale & Purchase Broker & Newbuilding .Ship Delivery & Crewing Looking for business partners, investors Support in establishing contacts with local companies: Importers, distributors, manufacturers, buyers, etc. Ship Delivery & Crewing Ship delivery is a very special and unique profession in the shipping business. Experienced crews are available, long or short term, and can be selected to suit any particular requirements, including sea trials, re-activation of laid up vessels and delivery for scrapping. We are actively involved in delivery and collection of ships up to 5000gt, workboats, fishing vessels and yachts. However we have the ability and qualified personnel to provide a delivery service for any vessel, including yachts,motorcruisers, tugs, workboats, fishing boats and larger vessels for any area. If there is any way that we can be of service to you please E-mail us with your requirements. We will be pleased to discuss and quote for any service that we may be able to provide.