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ID: 348 Title: Advise on Moroccan ports. Replis: 1 Read: 2218 Author: 2
Name: John  Posts: 9  **  Vancouver Time: 2006-5-21_6:36:23 Quote    Reply
I am crewing on a yacht and the skipper has it in mind to take the boat into Morocco for a visit,if any of you have done this before we would welcome your feed back,I have been there as an ordinary tourist but never on a yacht.
Name: Green Frog  Posts: 7  **  Vancouver Time: 2006-5-22_2:58:35 Quote    Reply
Re Morocco, I can't give much advice on the Atlantic ports but there are only really three ports of entry between the Algerian frontier and the Straits of Gibraltar. These are Nador, Al Hoceima, Marina Smir, and Tangier. Ras el Mar is NOT a port of entry as stated in the pilot books and the last we heard the crew were sent back to Nador by taxi, you can clear customs but not immigration. On the same coast you also have Melilla and Ceuta which are Spanish and therefore more 'European'. Clearance in all Moroccan ports except Marina Smir is long and protracted so patience is a virtue. It also helps to have the ship's and crew details on paper preferable with French translation as these can help if you do not speak French or Berber Arabic. We have always been treated with friendliness and respect and so, what's a little time? If you move along the coast ALWAYS tell the authorities what your plans are in detail with contingencies as you will be watched, both by shore posts and patrol vessels who have a habit of boarding vessels that are unexpected. It is also necessary to clear out of port if you are going more than 6 miles, and collecting the ship's papers and getting your pasports stamped (very important)can take longer than clearing in. If you wish to leave early then try to get cleared the night before as Morocco is UTc/GMT and the offices open at 0800 which is 1000 CET and half the day has gone. Hope you enjoy yourselves, we are sailing the Med coast again this summer, watch out for the 'Green Frog'