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ID: 30 Title: Crewlist FAQ Replis: 1 Read: 1599 Author: 2
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-1-30_8:52:25 Quote    Reply
Q: I signed up and typed my ad, but it didn't show up?
A: In your profile form, make sure the "Crewlist Flag" is switched on from "No" to "Yes".

Q: How come you changed my typings?
A: Some people like to cap every letter; some like to lower every letter. Some enter Nationality in a variaty of ways: usa,us,US,u.s.a, amrica, American, british, english, britain...For the benefits of "most" of us. The script modifies your inputs to a default format. It won't be nosy again after your first time editing.

Q: Nobody replied to my Crew Ad...
A: Let's face it. There are 3 times more people looking for boats than the number of boats looking for people. Boats don't contact you. You should contact them.

Q: You're full of sh*t. Some girls' visit counters reach 4 digits while mine stays single.
A: Obviously, some visitors have read them... There is a large number of male cruising skippers looking only for female partners. Considering they have to "live" with a crew member for an extended period of time in such a small private space, I don't blame them a bit. You just have to look somewhere else.

Q: I'm on the run all the time, what's my current location?
A: Your present location is where you're typing now. If you can update your profile faster than you move, enter it. You can always elaborate your detailed situation in the description area.

Q: My Hotlink Photo URL doesn't show up.
A: Find it under another forum topic that I posted.

Q: How to get on the top of the crewlist?
A: Every time you edit your profile, it shows up at the very top. Don't do it every day, though. It can have negative impact on your prospective visitors.

Q: How do I find out the credibility about a perticular skipper at 7k?
A: No idea. That's one of the reasons what this forum is for. Anyone out there? Please reply!

Q: Whats the tips of getting a position onboard?
A: I don't have the expertise, either. Hope our members who've been there done that post here. I'll say it depands a lot on your situation to start with. For example, are you male or female? What passport do you travel with? You sailed, traveled before? Do you have spending money? How flexible are you in terms of schedual and location? You have navigation skill, repairing ability, language skills? Are you a neat person(better match on this one)? Are you willing to do dirty work(you know, clean heads and rub bottom...)? Do you cook? Do you get seasick? Are you healty? You smoke? Can they smoke? At the end, your attitude weighs a big portion towards their decision making. Better stop here, I'm a theorist.

Name: Chris Roberts  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2003-2-4_13:27:45 Quote    Reply

Q: How do I find out the credibility about a perticular skipper at 7k?

Chris' Reply: I have talked and met with 1 skipper and also talked on the phone with another and I am currently planning trips this month with both on seperate cruises...I think you just talk to them see how they are, both of the ones I have met on here were extremely flexible and easy going, I think if the skipper is a hard ass or not kind or open minded then you might want to wait till you find one who does, Use your common sense really.

Q: Whats the tips of getting a position onboard?

Chris' Reply: I contacted 2 different captains on here they both eventually replied. I think it takes patience willingness and flexibility, willingness to try and to not give up when you think things aren't looking good or you are getting no responses, check back often and keep mailing or contacting until you get replies then have all your questions ready for the captain...its not hard at all and you can meet some really interesting people!