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ID: 29 Title: Crew Wanted FAQ Replis: 1 Read: 1969 Author: 1
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-1-30_7:56:7 Quote    Reply
Q: I've signed up and posted my crew ad, how come it doesn't show up?
A: First of all, at 7k, it's the boat that looks for crew. Not you, the skipper. Don't ask me why, you'd figure it out yourself after you use the site. Secondly, you have to make sure the "Crew Wanted Flag" is on when you fill the boat form. A boat can be on and off the Crew Wanted list at will, simply by playing with the switch.

Q: How come the boat for sale is mixing up with the crewlist?
A: No, it's not. There're many boats at 7k looking for crew and the boats are for sale at the same time. Should they enter the same boats twice? For your case, as long as you don't switch on the "Boat Forsale Flag", your boat is not for sale, period. Doesn't matter if you enter a sale price or boat specs. She is not showing up on the "Boat Forsale" list.

Q: I found my crew. I want to delete the boat to stop the flooding inqueries.
A: DON'T! As long as your boat floats, you do not delete it. Just switch off the crew flag and your boat is off the screen immediately. Crew comes and goes. Many boats at 7k were re-entered again after the owners deleted them at previous times. That's a lot of typing to begin with! More than that, you lose your senior number and an increasing counter. And, most of all, your boat page, as well as your sailor page is a legitimate website URL. For example, our senior member Phil Clark with Sailor ID 659. You can find his 7k webpage under every major internet search engine, including Google, AOL, Open Directory, Yahoo,..., by the 7k URL: As a professional delivery skipper, he'll really shoot his feet if he deletes his 7k ID and sign up again with a new meaningless number. All the 659 URLs become broken links all over the world, and all his advertisement goes down the drain. For this very reason, I don't even dare to think about it to change my script's name or cgi location! You too, you don't know how many visitors have bookmarked your boat pages before you deleted it.

Q: What about I sold my boat?
A: The previous history of a sailboat is heritage. The new owner would love to take over the senior number. Have him/her sign up and you can easily switch the boat under his/her ID. He/she can easily change the boat's name too while keeping the same ID.

Q: How come my crew ad title was altered and chopped?
A: No, it's not. We didn't alter it. It's just displayed differently. Most people have hard time to read all-caped letters and the long subject line would mess up with the already full list page.

Q: What do I do to have my boat show up at the top of Crew Wanted list?
A: Every time you edit it, it shows up at the top. Don't over do it though. It can gross people up and back fire.

Q: Most ads on the list are out-of-date and no longer valid, we should remove them.
A: Never know. And, what do your care anyway. The ads are sorted by editing dates. When ads getting old, they drag behind pages after pages. Doesn't make your work to read the newer ones.

Q: Most boats are looking for female crew only. This is not fair.
A: We have a special post to discuss this well known phenomenon. Keep trying. There are countless successful stories by 7k's male crew. Many of them are much older than you are and were able to get going.

Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-2-11_5:57:40 Quote    Reply
  Hi, I'm looking for a spot on a boat and am using the
  7 knots site.  However, I'm a little confused as to
  what the "update" column refers to; does it indicate
  that is the new departure date?
A: Update is the last time the owner edit his data.