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ID: 28 Title: The "Links" Section FAQ Replis: 0 Read: 1196 Author: 1
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-1-30_6:30:59 Quote    Reply
Q: I notice the static "Links" under the cover page is gone?
A: Yes, due to lack of man power to maintain the static links. We obsoleted it and merged it into the user-supplied "Links" database. At one time, the Links database was called "Yellow Page" or "Marine Directory". It's now your job to submit recommandation for websites. The idea is similar to that of a regular internet search engine. Somebody has to submit it before it would ever show up in a search.

Q: There is no detailed description page now for the individual website?
A: That's right. From the past experience, we found out that most visitors went straight to the target website without bothering looking at the description page. Also, it is a duplicated effort for the author to copy the same information from his/her site. Most of all, it's difficult to maintain two hard copies in sync. Don't bother, then.

Q: If the owners don't sign up at 7k, we'll not find good sites, then?
A: You can enter these "good sites" for them for recommendations and send them an email to encourage them to sign up and take over the maintainence. The sailor ID field in the Links form is editable. You can easily switch the ownership to his/her sailor ID later. If they don't bother, you are the contact person.

Q: How do you decide which website shows up at the top of list after a search?
A: Good question, the order matters and matters a lot. When people today search Google for "Crewlist", pages after pages, they could not find That's a shame. All these major search engines on internet have sophisticated criteria to decide which sites show up at the top of a search result. A lot of businesses spend big efforts to maximize their scoring strategy according to exactly how, say Google, works. They duplicate many web pages at their sites for every single keywords...etc. I don't have the time, money or motivation to do that. Anyway, at 7k, the order solely depands on the hit counter. The one with the highest number shows at the top of a search list.

Q: What if two deskes in their business office hit their link alternatively?
A: Ok, so I require the third IP field differs before increasing. To the eyes of Links hit counter, and are the same.

Q: Between two buildings?
A: They don't have a life? I can check DNS domain name, then.

Q: There are many dead links at your site!
A: That is annoying. The system will run srcipts to flag dead links and show them in the search list with "(broken link?)" marks along side.

Q: The "Location" attribute is irrelevant for many websites.
A: Ture, the location field has no meaning for the scope of You can select "Internet Based" or "World Wide" from the Country list.

Q: What if a business does not have a website?
A: Out of luck. BTW, that's a crime.

Q: What if a business covers more than one category?
A: Good question, if a site has Marina, Boat Yard and Chandleries. You can enter the same site three times with different titles and descriptions.

Q: HTML tags in the summary area?
A: No.

Q: Phone number is good. Why doesn't you show their emails?
A: Go to their websites to find the current emails.