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ID: 24 Title: The "Hotlink Photo URL" Field Is Driving Me Nuts... Replis: 0 Read: 1323 Author: 1
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-1-30_2:2:5 Quote    Reply
Q: My photo never shows up!!!! What the hell is going on????
A: I feel your pain. Most people have no problem entering their Website URLs', but the Hotlink Photo URL is frustrating. There are 3 different types of errors:

The first type is that a user enters something like:
C:\Documents and Settings\John Lee\Desktop\Me_Sailing.jpg
Hello, you just entered a picture sitting in your hard disk at your home PC. You have to first upload this Me_Sailing.jpg to somewhere on the internet.
The second type of error is grouping like the following:
(A: You have entered your website URL. Website URL and Image URL are two different addresses.)
(A: OK, you signed up with hotmail and had the photo uploaded to hotmail and you have just nevigated under hotmail and found your picture in front of you. You cut and pasted from the top URL field in your Internet Exprlorer. So, you entered that address into your 7k's form. That's a lot of work, but it doesn't work, Mr. Lee. That web page containing your photo was dynamically generated from hotmail. It's still qualified as a website URL like Sharon's index.html case above).
(A: so you read our instruction and right clicked at your hotmail photo and found the image URL, so you cut and pasted the long string into your 7k form. Well, you're getting close but you didn't copy the whole thing. If you go back right click at that image again, you'll find the string is wrapped around into 2nd or 3rd row... very long indeed.)
Finally, Mr. Lee entered the correct URL:
but people still can not see his photo at 7knots!!
This kind of error is beyond Mr. Lee's fault. Many free website servers,like Yahoo Geocities or AOL Hometowns restrict "remote loading". To see your photos, visitor have to physically go to your Website at Geocities first, then click, click many times before pulling the page containing the wanted photo. They cannot see your photo showing up at 7knots. Same idea, if you send an email including a photo URL link, your friend simply cannnot click it open during reading your email. Nothing is free on earth, if you are willing to pay a nominal fee of $20/year or something like that, Geocities will lift the remote loading restriction. Do it. It's worthy it.

Q: Why not allowing members to upload photos directly to 7knots?
A: Yeah, that would be nice, but we cannot afford it. If you upload a photo of 100K bytes to 7knots. 1,000 People from all over the world see your photo once. The traffic out of 7knots of this photo is 100mb and we have to pay $5 * 0.1gig = $0.5 for it. That's not much, isn't it? No, but if we allow 1 MB of webspace each member, and we have 10,000 members, the full load caculation can reach $50,000 USD a month. Who's paying the bill? To tell you the truth, we can't even pay $500 a month now. Nevertheless, we are now letting our members to upload photos in Captain's Logs. Check out the related posts on that topic.