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ID: 20 Title: How To Do The Search And Sorting At 7knots? Replis: 0 Read: 770 Author: 1
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-1-28_22:30:48 Quote    Reply
Let's use the Boat Forsale as an example (the exact numbers change every day, but you get the idea.) Say you're shopping for a boat. You click at the top menu "Boat Forsale". There are 430 total and in 22 pages. Spain, UK... You don't want to go through every one of them. What about give me what's in USA. OK, You enter "us"(it's not case sensitive, and you don't have to enter "usa", either) in the "Country" field in the top green search box and hit the button "SEARCH". The list shrinks to 206. Still, too many. OK, you say just give me what's avaiable in Miami. So, leave the "us" in place and you enter "miami" in the City/State field. Hit SEARCH again. Oops, No Boat Found this time. Ok, erase "miami" and enter "fl" for Florida. Hit return (don't even have to hit "SEARCH"). 52 come out this time for US and Florida. When our data size gets bigger. Your "fl" & "us" may include a boat for sale in "Florance, New South Wales, Australia", which is tolerable. So, the trick is be general first see how many come out; then, tighten up your filter.

Now, you have 52 boats for sale in Florida. You say I want to see all ads with photos only. OK, with "us" & "fl" in place, change the Photo field from "all" to "photo" and hit "SEARCH". The list thrinks to 41. You want to see those "Ketches" first. Select "Ketch" in the Type field. Now, there are 7 left which are on 1 page.

Now, let's try the sorting. Hit the "LOA(ft)" at the list description header. You'll find these 7 boats are sorted by length with the longest boat on top. Hit LOA(ft) again, the shortest boat sits at top this time. Try hit "Year" and "$USD", they are sorted by year and sale price accordingly.

Now, release the Type from "Ketch" to "all" but with "us","fl", and "photo" in place. Near the SEARCH button, there's a page box telling you that you're in the fist page of a total of 3 pages. Hit the "right" arrow icon. It leads you to the second page of the 41 boats in your search. It also says "21 to 40 of 41 Total". Hit "$USD" when you are in the 2nd page. You find yourself come back to the first page of the price-sorted list. Now, the first one is almost one million dollars. Too much, the budge is 100K. Ok, you put a ceiling of "100000" at the left hand side input area of the "US$" filter in the green SEARCH area. Return, now it shows 28 boats with sale price less than 100,000 dollars.