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ID: 16 Title: How Much Does It Cost To Run Replis: 3 Read: 2875 Author: 3
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-1-29_5:44:47 Quote    Reply
Cash wise, Not Much. Breakdown all in $US Dollars before shipping, taxes...

(1) One Time Charge For Current Setup:
The 1U Server Enclosure with motherboard costs      $252
Two Pentium 3 GHz Flip-Chips                        $220
Two 512M PC133 ECC SDRAM                            $140
Three Compaq 18G 10K SCSI Disks                     $240
Red Hat 8.0                                           $2 (no kidding)

(2) Current Server Co-Location Charge:
Single 100Mbps port,1U rackmount,UPS, 20G Traffic   $100/month
Traffice Over 20G                                     $4/gig

(3) 7k's Past Cash Investments, Fees, 
    Network Charg, Books, Software...           ~$12,000

(4) Accumulated Development Time                  ~4,000 man hours
Name: Chetan  Posts: 8  **  Vancouver Time: 2005-4-17_23:45:29 Quote    Reply
New Page 1

hi tom

who pays for this? is there any place one can make a contribution since this is a truly fantastic and comprehensive cruising resource.


Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2005-4-26_6:23:52 Quote    Reply
I pay for it... Somebody is gonna do it :) Not a problem so far.
Name: Nick  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2005-5-13_0:9:26 Quote    Reply
Helo Tom, My name is Nick Tountas from Athens Greece. I am newlly elected as vice president of The Hellenic Profesional Skipers Association. I was given the task to build a website to promote our union and i am looking for a webmaster to manage the site.The union has 170 members but i believe we can go up to nearly 400 if we push some PR and have people see us.I need a person who knows VERY WELL about site building and management.I will feed him with data but i will need his art and fantasy. Coming to the money point.We canot aford to pay because we have no money,but we have a lot of honey.The person who will manage our site will never pay for sailing vacation in Greece for the rest of his life.Guaranteed. At this moment we have members of our assoc. delivering yachts to Croatia,to Corfu,Rhodes,Mykonos etc.Some of us do own yachts.I just got the position and all cash to set up will pay them from my pocket.I need to get things off the ground fast and i canot wait for 100 bucks to be aprooved in 30 know how (and particularly in Greece) How do you like it?? Regards Nick