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ID: 159 Title: Beware Buyer from UK offering to buy boat for client in AUS Replis: 3 Read: 3116 Author: 4
Name: Kelvin Meeks  Posts: 9    Vancouver Time: 2004-4-30_20:47:23 Quote    Reply
I recently had someone contact me via my ad on - they indicated they were representing a client in Australia.

This person offered to pay $13,000 over my asking price...if I would wire them the difference at the same time...supposedly to cover their cost of transporting the boat

Seller Beware.

Name: Djbyrne  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2004-5-3_14:17:28 Quote    Reply
Thanks for publishing this.I just received a similar request. The name used on mine was Allen Chris (also from UK with a buyer in Australia.) I had just replied but was dubious even before seeing your warning. I went to the Website to find the Ad but it was not to be found so the good part is that I now have High Time (1) for sale on this great Website. Our boat is ideal for offshore cruising. Any "REAL " selling ideas welcome Donald J Byrne
Name: Coyotemotors2004  Posts: 1    Vancouver Time: 2005-6-12_12:35:33 Quote    Reply
This is probably information for the brain dead here! I hope not too many here are! If it looks to good to be true..........IT IS! Even a cashiers check sent to you which the bank will accept can turn out to be bogus and the bank will then reverse the transaction. (the amount above the asking price IS the amount they want from suckers!) Go back to the good old days of cash in hand...then again it could be counterfeit! Don't get me started on how much and how I've been scamed OK!! :) Have a nice day.
Name: Gr8pilot  Posts: 2    Vancouver Time: 2009-2-14_9:8:8 Quote    Reply
guys please only deal in cash. There are so many scams going on out of africa middle east and europe. Please do not send money at all and only deal with cash buyers. Drop money of at the bank and even let them check if its real. I had a guy trying to rip me off with fake 100 dollar bills. good luck