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ID: 61 Title: Feedback Histories From Our Valueable Users Replis: 0 Read: 1093 Author: 1
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-2-7_7:13:47 Quote    Reply
I'm going to dig out all the past feedbacks from our users (member or not) since the launch date in Aug, 2001 and mention all of them here.
Because of all your inputs, either suggestions or bug reports, 7knots has been able to improve and get going. I want to thank you all and hope all of you keep up with the good work. After all, 7k is your website. The site doesn't supply any information other than your own data.

The Captain's Log map server link was suggested by Geoff Schultz in 2001. He has been cruising the Caribbean basin for the past several years aboard Blue Jacket. As you all have seen it, 7k's cover page photo was taken during his cruising voyage. More than 100 log reports have been submitted "live" from his onboard SSB radio. Geoff clearly demonstrates how 7k system works. He also pointed out problems about our visit counter and spam loop hole.

The "local info volunteer" idea was from Tommy Jenkins:
"...putting together a "land crew" category. by that i mean this. I live in Melbourne Beach FL, which is right on the ICW on the Fl east coast. When cruisers are in my area they can phone or email me and i would be happy to come to where they are with my pick up truck and sam's club card, and run them over to the store to do some provisioning, as well as that necessary trip to West Marine. Could also put them in touch with any additional marine resources they may need. sail repair, mechanic, etc...."