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ID: 56 Title: TODO List Replis: 2 Read: 1590 Author: 2
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-2-5_0:6:36 Quote    Reply
Just fixed a browser related problem on the Forum feel-and-look causing by using "too advanced" CSS positioning. It's history now.
I realize the Forum previewer has a problem. Some times when I go back to edit and see a blanked out form. All the hard work typing is gone! It actually launches a new forum topic when I go back in the browser. Crap. I've been trying to open the previewer in a new window so I don't have to "Go Back"... can't do it in form submit attribute... can't carry over to Javascript either... working on it.
Name: Cliff Yang  Posts: 5  **  Vancouver Time: 2003-2-6_22:56:44 Quote    Reply
I understand that this is not easy.
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2003-3-9_14:41:37 Quote    Reply
Geoff on Blue Jacket has entered more than 100 captain logs via regular emails sent from his on-board SSB radio and PACTOR modem. These reports are pretty much "En Vivo" with certain aspect of the "news" nature. For example, the freshly reported life-and-death episode of S/V Stella Luna actually showed up in front of our 7k readers before it showed up at local Mexican newspaper. To encourage this kind of reports, I'll allow including photos in the email as well, so Geoff doesn't have to go to Internet Cafe in a much later date to upload log photos. The task is to parse a "multipart" email. When you attach an image with your text in your outlook express, it puts everything together in one piece and goes out from your laptop. When 7k server receives your email, everything is still in the same "one piece" and it is viewable in text format. There are several keywords or headers to flag different MIME parts. Similar to the idea of using captain log's keywords. It says "from this line down finds some plain text" and "from this line down is a jpeg image"... etc. When your friend read your email, his/her outlook express (a mail client) will decode (parse) this "one piece" and present them in a meaningful way. 7k captain log script has to parse directly your original "one piece" message. Of course, many stable perl scripts have been written to parse a general multipart MIME message and detach images. I just have to shop around (they are all free all right), evaluate, implement and debug...