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ID: 320 Title: Location Map Replis: 1 Read: 1540 Author: 2
Name: Chuck Baier  Posts: 6  **  Vancouver Time: 2006-1-2_10:42:31 Quote    Reply
Just wondering if the location map on the Captain's Log pages will be re-instituted. It was a nice feature when it was there before. Thanks for the great site. Chuck Baier
Name: Eugene Kashpureff  Posts: 11    Vancouver Time: 2006-11-12_21:23:27 Quote    Reply
Tom -

Ditto !

I haven't seen any activity with the developement of the site for a while now. Have you lost interest in us ?
(Not that we're unapreciative, we all are!)

I'd like to volunteer my services for the site, if you're interested.
(I'd even be willing to mirror off my dedicated server in Dallas, if you'd like...)

I'm going to try including .jpg files cut from screenshots of my chartplots for our upcoming voyage with El Tigre down the ICW in our psition/log reports.

Maybe the site could do google maps links for position reports ?

At your service,

Eugene Kashpureff
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