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ID: 134 Title: Map Server of Captain Log Broke Down Replis: 2 Read: 1575 Author: 2
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2004-2-7_9:35:44 Quote    Reply
The dynamic boat location map in Captain Log has been broken since yesterday. MSN bought the map server Vicinity, which was our map provider MapBlast before. Now MSN decided to totally shut down the map image feeds... this is really a bad news. So be it, I have to find another world map server on the net and have the viewer back as soon as next month. Sorry for this inconvenience and I'm open for all suggestions. Some other websites suffer the same from this Microsoft decision: for example, Find You and Ham Radio Operator Tracking
Name: Geoff Schultz  Posts: 36  **  Vancouver Time: 2004-11-1_13:6:18 Quote    Reply
Any update on the map server? Have you looked at -- Geoff
Name: Tom Yang  Posts: 110    Vancouver Time: 2004-11-1_18:21:21 Quote    Reply
I've been tied up building a house (well, a boat yard actually) since May. 7k will go thru a major overhaul in Dec and one of the task is the map server. In stead of relying on other people's services, such as our previous two instances, the new map server has partially written and will be finished using Univ. of Minnesota's GIS map server:
After the overhaul, 7knots may go for a sale. It's getting difficult that several thousand people are holding hostages by one guy's chore, or vice versa.