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2016-12-07 19:34:41 (Vancouver Time)
Boat Description
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Boat ID: 3398
Boat Name: Disperser
Year Built: 1975
Boat Builder/Design: Fibersteel Valero Custom
Boat Type/Rig: Ketch
Hull Material: Ferro Cement
Boat Current Location:
La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico
Home Port: Coos Bay, Or
Engine: Detroit Diesel 6-71
Other Crew Members: You
Boat website URL:
Owner/Contact: Disperser.Wolf (20765)
Boat Seeking Crew? Yes
Main Boat Activity: other
Departure Date: 2016-12-15
Crew Ad Title:
Enough Lies, Enough "Civilization"

The Disperser
Boat For Sale?  No  Price: $USD Local Price:   in:
LOD (feet):67.0     ;LWL: 57 Beam: 16    ;Draft: 5,5
Displacement:96000(lb); Fuel(gal): 900 Ballast:(lb); Water(gal): 500
Dinghy: Numerous Outboard:Numerous

You know, the Romans conquered people and told them they were just bringing civilization to them too. Romans were imperialists, colonists, people who sought to exploit resources and people's labor throughout the extent of their empire, which spanned the world as they knew it at the time.

All we have today is just another fucking empire. This time, it's global. And like all empires before it, this one is also collapsing. And I am not sticking around to wait and see how it all pans out.

I have long been too intelligent for society. I was raised by psychopaths, so I had no parents. And having my face mauled by a dog at 8 years old, along with already being smarter than other kids, meant I spent my childhood on my own too. From 2nd grade, after reading such books as Call it Courage, My Side of the Mountain, and An Edge of the Forest; I sought to find a way to escape society, the trap with its irrational rules and illogical social order (idiots in charge? Say what?).

Only when the matter was forced upon me, when I had to decide between a short life of tortured existence, or a chance at making it on my own, did I finally break free of the bonds in my mind that held me to the United States of America. And on October 27th, 2014, I did just that, I left America, for good.

In the past few years, I have discovered that EVERYTHING I understood about myself and humanity and life was a lie. I realized, for example, that a disease, psychopathy, has defined modern human civilization, that we are no more than programmed slaves, kept in a state where our egos, much like the autopilot on my ship, are in charge, reacting to, rather than interacting with the world and people around them. I realized that the statement "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that ALL MEN are created equal" was written by men who thought that "men" meant only other wealthy, white, male, christian, landowning slaveowners like themselves, as only these people had the right to vote and run for political office. I also discovered that everything we know about ourselves is a lie: that our dietary needs are nowhere like what we are fed, and most importantly, that what we know of as love, isn't; that love is universal and that either you love everyone or you love no one, that love cannot be directed at one person and not at others.

What I have discovered about society, about what we have done to and are doing to this planet and to each other, has no future beyond, say, 20 years. And while I may be nearly 50 now, and thus 70 when civilization as we know it no longer exists, and, I believe, most species are on the brink of or already extinct; I don't want to wait around for it to happen. I am doing what I can. No, it cannot be prevented. In fact, self-destruction is the only possible outcome for industrialized society. So, I am preparing to survive.

I seek others who wish to join me, either directly on my ship, in a flotilla on their own sailboat, or in a shore-based marine community which will eventually be part of a network of such communities which will all be connected by flotillas of sailboat-based communities. I've even come up with a global communications network based on a combination of HAM and WiFi that is both free and completely decentralized.

I cannot do this myself. I suffered brain damage and have been struggling just to keep up with things. I have spent a great deal of my time the past few years trying to find someone else capable of love, as I cannot have anyone on my boat who is not capable of true love, as I am only capable of love, and no longer capable of interacting with people who are just on autopilot. But the help I need is no more than another person, someone whom I can trust completely, preferably someone who can be dependent upon my intelligence and vast array of skills (there is not much I cannot do or figure out how to do - except computers, America, and stupidity...which is really the same thing as America, sorry.)

I am presently near La Paz, BCS, Mexico. I am presently reassessing my plans and may go ahead and stay on in La Paz. I must be able to complete the work on my ship, as I was unable to because I was robbed and taken advantage of to the tune of $35,000 before I left the USA, including being held prisoner in a private home, and nearly losing my ship to the same sheriffs who killed my friend and crewman, the same week they killed a 12 year old child, Andy Garcia. I have created a crowdfunding page ( and hope to raise funds, but am also looking into either renting land to work on my ship near a boatyard whose lift I would hire, or buying a marina. I am working with some people who have an interest in a community owned non-profit boatyard, and we may work towards and acquire the FONATUR marina here in La Paz and create a boatyard where anyone can work who can't afford to otherwise.

Contact me if you are interested, or even if you just have questions. But please, don't be anything but serious. I can read people very well.

Thank you

And by the way, if you're interested, I have a Youtube show, under, if you're interested in waking up...