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2013-09-29 05:26:21 (Vancouver Time)
Boat Description
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Boat ID: 3312
Boat Name: Hot Buoys Sailing Vessel
Year Built: 2000
Boat Builder/Design: Trimaran
Boat Type/Rig: Multihull
Hull Material: Bosa Core
Boat Current Location:
Cebu, Philippines, Philippines
Home Port: Volcano Hawaii
Engine: 150 HP Isuzu
Other Crew Members: Sail with 5 to 7 crew
Boat website URL:
Owner/Contact: (18661)
Email: [non-public]
Boat Seeking Crew? Yes
Main Boat Activity: DistantCruise
Departure Date: 2013-12-01
Crew Ad Title:
Cruising The Philippines Taiwan, Yap, & Palau

Boat For Sale?  Yes  Price: 389000 $USD Local Price:389000   in: USD
LOD (feet):65.0     ;LWL: 65 Beam: 40    ;Draft: 7
Displacement:20000(lb); Fuel(gal): 400 Ballast:(lb); Water(gal): 400
Dinghy: Fiberglass sailing dinghy & 3 kayaks Outboard:Yamaha 9.9 HP


I'm currently (Fall 2013) at the Cebu Yacht Club in the Philippines. Nearest airport is Cebu. Cheapest airline is Cebu Pacific.

On October 5, 2013 I head up to the Port Carmen area of Cebu. There I will continue to prep the boat for a big tour of the Northern Pacific Islands of the Philippines.

Around December 1, 2013 we head out towards the port of Legazpi where we will trek up to the top of Philippines most active volcano. This is a multi-day trip up a volcano and exactly the type of thing adventuresome like us do.

Our motto is we go where the tourists don't go.

Note: I am looking for crew TRUE, however, like most boats, if I find the right buyer I will also sell. So FYI if I confirm you for crew and the boat gets sold after you purchase tickets, I will refund double your money. Alternately I pay for your ticket home if the new owners want a different crew.

There are over 7,000 islands in the Philippines to visit, and we do not go to the ones filled with tourists.

During the Fall 2013 and Winter 2014 you can join the boat for as little as a week or the entire trip.

Spring 2014 I'm headed to Taiwan for 2 months.

Then, it is over to Yap and down to Palau. For the Summer 2014.

Fall 2014 it is over to Thailand for the King's Cup race with a stop in Singapore One 15 Marina. (Last time they put my big boat in the "superyacht" section. That is kind of cool.)

Then 2015 is Malaysia, Borneo Yacht Challenge and Indonesia regatta. I also begin diving again on the 1842 wreck.

Having a big boat means I can accommodate a wide range of sailors.

Sailors in general are pretty cool people, however, just in case you wandered in here from the Bible Belt, please be aware I am a gay man. My boat is called HOT BuOYS. We are a gay and clothing friendly group. It is okay too if you are the opposite end of the spectrum and a straight female. We can accommodate you too.

Oh and another thing. If you have a tremendous amount of sailing experience and believe that sailboats should all do exactly the same thing the same way, it is best you find a different boat built exactly the way you expect it. My sailboat is different. I custom designed my aft-mast rig and the standing rigging. Further my sail is a semi-crab claw. Yes Bermuda rigs work too.

And yet another thing. This is a sailing vessel and not a super duper mega yacht. We get by with some simple things and don't have every luxury. Specifically there is no air conditioning. If you need an ice cold brew, a comfortable Lazyboy chair and big screen TV to watch 2 on 2 volleyball stay right where you are. Or go buy a mega yacht. All the owners do is watch TV.

Everyone wants to know exactly how much it costs to be aboard my boat. Well that all depends. I sail with about 8 different types of sailors for various lengths of time. Where do you fit in this list...

1. If I go commercial and carry tourists in the future in the Philippines, you must be local Philippine national with license. Your salary will be between 8,000 and 12,000 peso per month and you get all meals and can live on board for free.

2. While in the Philippines and running as a private boat, I have 2 or 3 positions for younger sailors that are paid. These positions require cleaning the hull twice per week, and general cleaning. Typically a local resident will get this job, however, others can apply. This job pays 6,000 to 9,000 peso per month.

3. If you are looking to join in my trip and only staying 2 weeks or less. There will be a daily rate between 75 and 100 Euros**. The high end rate is if the boat is stationed at a fancy marina like One 15 Marina in Singapore. The low end is for general cruising within one singe country.

4. If you are looking to join 15 days to 29 days, the range is 50 to 75 Euros per day. **

5. If you are looking for long range 30 days or more the monthly rate is 1250 Euros each for two people sharing one sleeping area, or 1500 Euros for a single person on single bunk.**

6. If you are a short term couch surfer staying 2 to 3 nights. You are of course free. HOWEVER, be aware that we are normally not easy to find or get to. Unless we are in a marina for a solid month, it is doubtful I will be able to accommodate your couch surfing request.

7. WWOOFING, Yes I do indeed have a WWoofing project. I am working on bringing back more traditional eating to S.E. Asia. This is eating based upon the taro plant. It is also called gabi. It was the main starch food crop until it was replaced by rice. Woofers are here to work on this project working with local people and complete a website.. They stay on board for only a nominal shared food expense of 7 Euros per day. Woofers are expected to actively work on project.

8. We are also exploring evidence of early man before the last ice age. Specifically we do a lot or research along the Sunda shelf boundary and areas within shelf that were above sea level 40,000 years ago. For this work I am looking for a maritime archaeologist. You must be into both SCUBA and preservation. I am personally under raps regarding two of my larger finds. I am not allowed to publish or divulge what and where I have located items of interest. The fear of the two different countries these finds are in is that they are open and unprotected sites. I need help with formal documentation and submission to NAS or SHA for publication in a manner the preserves the security of these sites but documents it for other researchers. If you are such an archaeologist, you are not expected to cover any food expense, however, you are expected to cover or find a sponsor for your transport to the boat.

9. Yet another personal project requires orchestration of my compositions. You need to be experienced in this area. You will use the piano aboard. Same terms as archaeologist.

**Note: Passage trips between countries are difficult to manage and highly desired by all. If during your visit we make a trip between countries and you are type 3-5 sailor, there is an extra $250 Euro charge per new country. I.E. Philippines to Taiwan